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Democrats must win in landslide against Trump or face more issues


  • The election in November is the most consequential in modern history, as a Trump win could mean further descent into fascism.
  • Biden is currently up in the polls, but in order to send the right message to Americans, and the world abroad, Biden must defeat Trump in a landslide.
  • Michael Gordon has a long history in marketing and communications strategy and Democratic politics.
  • This is an opinion column. The thoughts expressed are those of the author.
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As we begin the typical homestretch of an atypical presidential campaign, there are four words that need to be repeated by every Democrat, everyone who believes in science, everyone who believes that unity makes us more powerful: it can’t be close.

Democrats have a historic opportunity to repudiate all things Trump in November. This election is more than the two white septuagenarian men atop each ticket. It’s about honoring truth, restoring American values, and shining a light on justice.

In order to punctuate the clearest mandate possible, former Vice President Joe Biden and the Senate Democrats need to win big. It can’t be close.

The Republicans need to bend the rules

With our country’s ever-changing demographics, Republicans need to bend the rules of the game to win. And they’ve become quite good at it. Whether it’s trumpeting basically nonexistent voter fraud or purging voter rolls or gerrymandering the map or fear-mongering about mail-in voting, Republicans work particularly hard at making sure many people — and especially people of color —  don’t get to participate in democracy.

In Georgia in 2018, a combination of closed polling sites, long lines, and canceled voter registrations by the Republican gubernatorial candidate created the narrowest GOP victory in half a century, 1.39%. 

During primaries this spring and summer in Wisconsin, Georgia, and several other states, we saw the lengths to which Republicans will go to take advantage of the pandemic to suppress turnout. We should expect more of the same this fall, as the Trump campaign and the GOP launch lawsuits to suppress the vote, encourage voter intimidation, and close down polling sites.

The drama at the intersection of election day and the US Postal Service takes Republican manipulation to new depths. It’s hard to know how much of an advantage these latest distortions of democracy give Republicans out of the gate – but we saw what they did in Georgia, and they’re adding mail manipulation to that.

That means that the true Democratic victories in battleground states need to be sizable enough to overcome the warped factor.

Trump also is working hard to undermine the election results but with a big enough loss, he’ll be exposed as the sore loser he is.

It can’t be close.

Every Vote Matters

Republicans act like they win in a landslide even when they lose the popular vote – or win by a single state – or win by one Supreme Court Justice. And if Democrats win narrowly, they should govern with just as much confidence – but the mandate and the message will be much clearer in a landslide than in a squeaker.

To every Democrat, every disaffected Republican, and every swing voter: make sure you and everyone you know has a plan to vote. If you’re mailing in your ballot, send it on the first date possible. If you’re going in person, bring a mask, a book, and a snack. There will be many MAGAs who will try to deny you your voting power. They are doing that because they can’t win on the merits. They can only win with intimidation.

Every volunteer who is comfortable traveling should go to a swing state and help ensure that people who want to vote can cast their ballot safely and easily. Volunteers who aren’t traveling can work the phones in battleground states to do their part. Donate to organizations that are registering voters, particularly in communities of color.

There are many more people who think the country is heading in the wrong direction than who think we are great again. There are many more people who are disgusted with this president than who love him. There are many more people who support common sense gun safety, racial justice, climate action, and DACA than who want to block progress.

We just need to prove it all on election day: It. Can’t. Be. Close.

Michael has a long history in marketing and communications strategy and Democratic politics. He worked in the Clinton administration and as spokesperson for the Clinton Justice Department. He also has served on multiple national, state, and local campaigns.

This is an opinion column. The thoughts expressed are those of the author(s).

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