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Deep Stone Lullaby is the most gorgeous piece of game music that you’ve never heard


Seriously, I think Deep Stone Lullaby might be my favourite piece of game music of all time. Therefore I now consider it my duty to share it with as many of you as possible, because the only place the song plays is tucked away in the middle of Destiny 2’s latest raid. In order to get the full experience, you’d ideally listen to the song in its original context, but realistically I doubt you’re going to play a raid just on my musical recommendation. So let me try to break down its otherworldly beauty for you here. 

Deep Stone Lullaby is part of the jumping puzzle of the Deep Stone Crypt raid, which takes place after a frantic encounter during which the six-person fireteam has been shuttling back and forth between a sinister robot-producing laboratory and a weapons satellite. The encounter is actually a bit of a pushover now, but on day one it was a severe difficulty spike and a lot of teams got stuck. For those who beat it, the reward is an incredible space walk sequence. Think Moonraker meets Mass Effect as the team traverses the exterior of the satellite, while exchanging fire with enemies, all the while looking down on the moon Europa far below. 

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