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Cyber Monday Gaming Monitor Deal: Save £1,877 on this massive Alienware screen


Good news everyone, it’s back! Alienware’s massive screen is back in stock, and back on sale. It’s still massive, but it’s awesomely massive, not annoyingly so. But at 55-inches you’re going to need a big ol’ desk just give this somewhere to sit, and you’ll want to be sat back from it as well. Because even with its native 4K resolution, you’re looking at a fairly low 80ppi (pixels per inch), where we usually avoid anything less than 100ppi for normal viewing distances, but you know, some things are worth making an exception for. This is one of those things.

Playing on a screen this big is going to give all your games the epic treatment. Seriously imagine Cyberpunk 2077 on this—you’ll have an experience few can enjoy. Or WoW: Shadowlands for that matter, that’s going to feel special. In fact, just about any game where you have been vistas to behold is going to be amazing. 

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