Common Computer Problems You Can Solve Without a Professional’s Help

Common Computer Problems You Can Solve Without a Professional’s Help – DIY Guide

Computers and laptops? You will find these devices common in Indian homes. The reason, this device can be used for completion of daily jobs. Other than browsing the internet, you can pay bills, purchase clothes or other items and more. Yet, sometimes, the same computer can run into problems. And in this particular situation, if the device does not have a warranty, you will be hard-pressed for solutions. In this article, let us delve on common computer problems you can solve without a professional’s help.

Computer Problems

Computer ProblemsNot every problem in the computer will be related to the software. There may be also hardware issues. Having a simple knowledge of troubleshooting will help you share a good time. And there are problems such as viruses, trojans and more which need the assistance of a computer repair pro. Do not worry, we will give information on both these quarters.

A. Computer Never Starts

If you have a problem with the office computer, there is no need to worry. The reason, the technical team from the office will fix the problem. But when it comes to a personal computer or laptop, then you can face numerous problems. If the period has extended beyond the warranty period, then it is a catch 22 situation. If the problems are simple, you can solve them by the DIY method. In this article, let us focus on common computer problems – basics.

B. The Computer Won’t Start

Did your computer suddenly go blank? Then just check if the charges remain. In some computer, you get a beep if there the charge goes below 30%. If you still do not heed to the computer noise, then the computer will go blank.

Sometimes, the computer without charge will have trouble getting to the active mode. In this situation, you need to check if the power sockets are properly plugged. If the device does not work, then you need to check into the other power device. If your computer works in proper condition, then it is the problem with the power socket. You may need to call an electrician to fix the problem.

C. Computer Screen Goes Blank

For starters, the problem may exist with the wire connecting the computer to the screen. Take off the wires, check if there is any dust and then put the same to the socket. It will work properly. Yet, if it is a laptop, the problem will occur in case some internal wires have got destroyed.

D. Abnormally Functioning Operating System

There are chances that the OS may have a problem and the computer may act differently. The best way to fix this problem will be to switch off the computer. Then restart. Also, do not forget to opt for the virus scan. And please do not forget to have reputed antivirus software.

E. The Screen is Frozen


Did the computer screen of froze? The only option is to reboot. And if you do the method, all unsaved work will get lost. The reasons could be many, among them spyware, corrupt files, or insufficient ram. You have to make use of the power button to fix this problem. Hold on the button till the computer gets shut down. Now, activate the system. Delete all the unwanted files and then use the antivirus option. The screen will not freeze again.

F. Computer is Slow

If the computer turns out to be slow, then the best way is to clean the hard disk as well the unwanted files. There are also chances that spyware may have installed on your computer. It is running continuously and so the reason for the slow processing of documents and other work.

slow computer speed

First determine, if you have stored personal information in the system. Are you afraid that if stolen, the next step will have disastrous consequences? Then the best method is to shut down the computer. Now if the device does not have a warranty, you have to take it to the computer repair shop. But the time frame may not be suitable.

There are times when the expert will tell to leave the computer in his shop and come the next day. In this situation, you want the problem to get fixed early. You also need an antivirus and proper firewall to prevent the future influx of viruses. In your situation, it is better to have a computer expert come to your desired location to get the device fixed. And the opportunity is given by companies offering doorstep repair services.

Imagine, the computer in your Mumbai home has got infected with a virus. You need to hire the expert offering computer home repair service in Mumbai. And the details, you can get from companies offering home appliance & repair service in Mumbai (same city). The app is the best place to search for computer repair pros, and you can book them within a short time.

G. Strange Noises

Do you hear noises coming from the computer? Then it is a sign of a malfunctioning part or the fan. There are times when you have not given maintenance service and the dust would have got stuck to the fan blades. In this situation, the fan will make strange noises.

H. Slow Internet

If you find that there are no unwanted files and documents, and the computer is up-to-date, try deleting the cookies and temporary files. To search for temp files, use the formula – %temp% in the search option.

A list of files may line up. You find it impossible to delete every file. You may get the message on some files as a backup. In this situation, you will get a skip option. Click the same, and every unwanted file will get destroyed.

I. Overheating

It could be any appliance of the electronic type. The experts in every field convey the same message. Keep the manufacturer book at a safe place. Because you need to give the service as per the instructions book. If you want to keep the computer in perfect working condition, it is necessary to give the device for all-round maintenance at least every year.

The minor repairs will get fixed. For example, you have a computer in your Pune home. If it has already crossed the warranty period, then to hire the best computer home repair service in Pune, you have to search on the internet and download the app of companies offering doorstep repair services in the city. The problem gets fixed in quick time.

J. Dropped Internet Connections

A bad internet connection can become a point of depression. Especially if you are working from home. The reason can be a phone line or a bad cable connection. Also, do not forget to check the router.

K. Inconsistent Processing

There are times, that an upgraded version of the software will not work on the computer. It means the old version was compatible in one environment and the new version not in tandem. There is some software which can process in an MS-DOS environment but will never operate in a Microsoft Windows setting.


Have you gone through the common computer problems you can easily solve with the DIY method? Yes, we have covered only a few, there are others which exist. We will try to cover them in the next article.

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