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Combine guns and vampire powers in Bloodhunt, a new battle royale game set in the Vampire: The Masquerade universe


If you’ve ever wished battle royale games were a little more supernatural, Bloodhunt might be the answer to your dark prayers. It’s set in the Vampire: The Masquerade tabletop RPG universe, which means it features a contemporary gothic setting (in this case, the city of Prague) and various breeds of bloodsucker. There are still weapons in it—the usual selection of shotguns, assault rifles, and so on that you’d expect from a typical battle royale game—but the exciting thing about Bloodhunt is being able to use vampiric powers too.

I got a taste of these during a playtest as a member of the Nosferatu clan. These scary-lookin’ vamps are ostracised by the rest of their kind, and are bad at hiding their vampirism from humans because they look like monsters. The class I decided to play as, the Saboteur, is built for stealth—which is ideal, because I basically approach battle royale games like stealth games. I prefer sneaking around on my own and avoiding people, then pulling my guns out when the play space has shrunk to the point where hiding is no longer practical.

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The Saboteur is great because crouching turns you partially invisible. Your character model goes transparent—a similar effect to the stealth camo in the Metal Gear games—which makes you harder to spot in the cluttered, detailed alleys and rooftops of Prague. You’re still visible, and I’m sure seasoned players will get frustratingly good at spotting these shimmering outlines. But if you stay still, it’s pretty effective camouflage. And because sprinting cancels the effect, you’re encouraged to move slowly and methodically to stay hidden.

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