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Coin Master Tips and Tricks

A turn-based strategy game:xp1te which is rising day by day and you all probably know about it, it is “Coin Master”. The initiative to develop the game was taken by Moon Active. Which started out by releasing the game on the Facebook platform and when the game got a good response they even launched it for other platforms too like – Android and IOS.

We found out that you the audience is searching about the hack and other stuff, but we as a good-wisher for you want to tell you that all the hack results are just fake, while there are genuine ways of getting coin master free spins:xp1te they aren’t telling you that, indeed they are just wasting your time and effort.

Introduction to the Coin Master game

The visual representation of the game when paired with a wide platform than ever changes the whole perception toward the game. You could make friends from all over the world and of all the age groups as it does not have any type of age barrier which is to be considered the best part of it.

As it is a strategy game it does have a concept of coin currency, village, shields which is considered as its backbone for the whole game. The opponent attack on your village and you can just use your shields to defend your village. Being a strategy game you have to use your brain and develop some great strategies while you are attacking the opponent which is a plus point.

Do coin master free spin hack really works?

Fooling and Earning money is being practiced since ancient times, but it was never considered legitimate.

The practice of fooling exists in each and every field you could imagine of and coin master is no exception to it.

Hacks and Generators are literally for every game present in the universe.

Do you really think that it is so easy to get in a database and manipulate it without being noticed, that too of an international game and not for their but your profit?

Think Again about this.

Primary Bits and Pieces of the Game

Following are the combinations of the rewards and other game mechanics

A trio of Spins – The safety of your village is as important as the safety of your colleagues and forget the fact that anybody with the motive of trolling you could destroy the beautiful village you made overnights.

Basically, the job of the spins is to give their own lives and save your village from being destroyed. This means that when you attack a village that has an active shield that would lead to wastage of the resources you used but if the village is not having an active shield you would get a huge reward here you can say that high-risk results into high reward.

Coins – Coins as we know are one of the most important parts of any game which you have played, these might be helpful in purchasing stuff, gems or rebuilding building, weapons, etc depending on the game but here it would help you to lead the game over the others.

Robbers – Robbers in coin master would help you rob other villages which you would be attacking and mind it there is no hack, trick to save yourself from the effects of the robbers and you also us the robbers to troll you friends, siblings by attacking their villages and using your robbers.

Tips to get free coin master spins

  • Connect your account to Facebook and you would definitely enjoy the benefits of it as you would be getting free spins. We know that everyone checks their Facebook account at least once in one day, why don’t you use it for your benefits in the game, apart from getting free spins from the Moon Active you could grow your connections on Facebook and get new tricks and free spins exchange offers.
  • Special offers are there for you and you should definitely use them as there are huge offers on a variety of items which could be beneficial for you which would give you a high return on low investment in the game.
  • You think you have good friends then ask them to donate you some spins if they think they have extra which you could use.


The fake hacks are taking over the internet and you need to be careful about all this and do not get fooled by the fake hacks, instead, you should grow your connection on Facebook, keep an eye on the offers which are there and have some good friends which would be great for you.

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