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Cloudpunk is an exceptional cyberpunk game that keeps getting better


GOTY 2020

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In addition to our team-selected Game of the Year Awards 2020, individual members of the PC Gamer team each select one of their own favourite games of the year. We’ll post new personal picks, alongside the main awards, throughout the rest of the month.

Cloudpunk‘s transformation has been a pleasure to watch. The version that launched in April was great—a cyberpunk courier romp that saw you exploring the dystopian city of Nivalis in your flying car and on foot. Massive voxel spires tearing through the clouds below you; walkways filled with street vendors, dealers and corporate security; everywhere you look something eye-catching and unusual. It’s a game you can wrap up in 10 hours, but one that beckons you to explore it for days. Weeks. 

If developer Ion Lands had left it that, I’d still probably be writing about Cloudpunk here. I’d still be gushing about Rainia, a rare cyberpunk protagonist who isn’t dying from cynicism, who’s cool because she absolutely isn’t trying to be. And of course I wouldn’t forget about Camus, her constant companion. He was an AI dog in a former life, and now he’s a car. He’s the best boy. The pair meet a lot of fascinating people during their first night on the job, and through them Cloudpunk explores transhumanism, terrorism, AI rights and all sorts of topics, both speculative and relevant now. 

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