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CIDCO seeks landowners’ consent for fast-track Navi Mumbai Airport area development


The Maharashtra government’s city planning body, City and Industrial Development Corporation (CIDCO) has appealed to owners of land parcels falling within the Navi Mumbai Airport Influenced Notified Area (NAINA) to submit their consent letters soon to fast-track development plans in the area.

These landowners are expected to submit their consent letter to the NAINA office, within 10 days from the date of publishing notice in the newspapers regarding submission of consent letters.

“CIDCO has appealed to land owners for quick consent in order to fast track the implementation of town development plans and further the NAINA project. This step will also benefit the land owners as they will be able to undertake development works on the land allotted to them and gain positive demand for those land at the earliest,” said Sanjay Mukherjee, VC & MD, CIDCO.

CIDCO will be developing a modern and well-planned city through the NAINA project over the surrounding area of the airport measuring 672 sq km. The development of 23 villages mentioned in the layout of the approved Interim Development Plan will be done through 11 Town Development Plans (TDP). Among them, TDP 1 to 3 are approved and are being implemented at various levels.

Land owners coming under town development plans will get 40% developed plot from their original land and the carpet area will be the same as the original land. Thus, land owners will gain complete return on their lands.

CIDCO will be developing roads, playgrounds, schools, gardens, growth centres, etc. facilities over the remaining 60% land. Land owners will get 40% of their land, even if the land is affected by any reservation.

CIDCO has decided to undertake TDP no. 4 to 11, as per the preferences of land owners.

Those who are keen on the implementation of town development plans, those landowners/farmers/account holders under the concerned scheme who submits maximum consent letters sooner, such plans will be implemented at priority by CIDCO.

Through this, land owners will be able to utilize the land for development works and the demand for it will increase prior time.

Accordingly, the list of survey numbers and name of account holders of the villages coming under Town Development Plan (TDP) no. 4 to 11, is uploaded on CIDCO’s website.

For faster implementation of these schemes and development of infrastructure, it is necessary for the concerned land owners to submit their consent letters. Thus, the account holders who are included in Town Development Plan (TDP) no. 4 to 11, need to submit the consent letters uploaded on the given website along with the signatures of all account holders personally or through post. Ends

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