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Chernobylite review | PC Gamer


What is it? A non-linear shooter with a focus on survival and player choice.

Expect to pay £24/$30

Developer The Farm 51

Publisher All in! Games SA

Reviewed on Ryzen 7 5800H, Nvidia GeForce 3070 (mobile), 16GB RAM

Multiplayer? No

Link: Official site 

Chernobylite is a curious mash-up of ideas orbiting a pretty stiff first-person shooter, not unlike The Farm 51’s previous game Get Even. But where Get Even felt like a game that couldn’t get its ideas in order, coming across as aloof in its attempt to tell a poignant story, Chernobylite does a much better job of welcoming us into its world. 

Its melancholy atmosphere permeates you like plutonium, confronts you with big decisions at every turn, and surrounds you with a well-written (though sometimes terribly voiced) core of grizzled stalkers who you’ll need to befriend as you chase spectral visions of your long-lost wife around the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone. As physicist and former Chernobyl Power Plant employee Igor, this is why you’ve returned to the haunted area. 

It’s part first-person shooter, though it’s quite possible to sneak through much of the game without firing a single bullet. It’s part base-building survival game, as you gather resources to improve your base with crafting stations, bedding, and even mushroom gardens (mushrooms, it turns out, are integral to crafting everything from wooden walls to handheld nuclear weapons). It has some throwaway horror elements too, because apparently that’s mandatory in any Chernobyl-based media.

(Image credit: The Farm 51)

But most successfully, Chernobylite is a game about choice, where you’re constantly faced with decisions that may (or may not) meaningfully affect your story.

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