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Car Detailing | Everything You Must Know About It!

<strong>Car Detailing | Everything You Must Know About It!</strong> 1

Most often we have seen people confusing car washing with car detailing. Well, these are two different things. Car washing surely is a step of car detailing but is not “car detailing” perse. In comparison to car washing, the results of car detailing are way too spotless not only from outside but from inside too. In this piece of article, we are going to discuss a few things that you might not be aware of, about – Car Detailing.

Car detailing comprises two major components – Interior detailing and exterior detailing. In this section, we will be discussing both of these components one by one in detail.

Interior Car Detailing

As the name suggests this is the part where the car detailing companies focus on cleaning the interiors of a car. Since, the interiors of a car include leather, plastic, vinyl, plastic, and even natural fibers, it requires different kinds of materials to clean it. There are two techniques that are commonly used for interior car detailing – Vacuuming and steam-cleaning. These two methods are designed to protect the interiors of a car during the process.

Vacuuming – This is the first step in the interior car detailing process. In this, a car detailer will start by vacuuming seats, rear cargo area, trunk, shelf, and headliners. Every good and efficient car detailer knows that it is essential to vacuum floor mats separately. The areas that cannot be reached by a vacuum cleaner are usually cleaned using an air compressor.

Steam Cleaning – Another way of cleaning the interiors of a car is steam cleaning. This is usually used to clean the car mats. This process also involves scrubbing the mats to remove any stains and blemishes if there.

Glass Cleaning – Now, for cleaning the glass several solutions are used by a car detailer. The ultimate goal here is to get the glass squeaky clean.

Exterior Car Detailing

Coming to the exterior car detailing part. The exterior components of a car are usually the ones that have gone through a lot of wear and tear that are not even visible to the naked eye. But a professional car detailer will notice it instantly and rectify it. Right from the surface scratches to settled dirt, nothing can escape the eye of a professional car detailer.

There are several steps involved in exterior car detailing. These steps include – washing and drying a car, claying, sealing, and polishing. Washing and drying the car exterior is the first step of exterior car detailing in which a detailer will spray the car with a specialized spray that is highly effective in washing the exterior of the car without damaging it. Following this, a clay bar is used to remove any traces of overspray and impurities settled on the surface which then is polished with the original polish, and finally, the shine and polish are then sealed with a sealant.

These are a few steps that are involved in car detailing. So, if you own a car and are looking to get the original shine of the car back. You must try the car detailing services.

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