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Call of Duty: Cold War PC now supports PS5 haptic triggers, but you should probably turn it off


When the PS5 came out last year and everyone was gushing about how cool the DualSense controller’s haptic rumbling and resistive triggers are, my first question was: Will it work on PC? The answer seemed to be yes, but only if developers bother to implement it. Treyarch became one of the first to do just that with the latest update to Call of Duty: Black Ops – Cold War.

It’s true, just plug in a DualSense controller, launch Cold War from Battle.net, and you’ll find a few new options under the controller menu. There’s one to toggle trigger haptics on/off and a slider to adjust the triggers’ vibration intensity.

The options are a little buried, but here’s where you’ll find them:

cold war trigger haptics

(Image credit: Activision)

I was curious how well it all worked, so I hung up my Deathadder mouse and plugged a controller into Call of Duty for the first time in years. Haptics is on by default if you’re using a DualSense controller, so you can just hop right into a game and try it out. You’ll immediately notice that almost every in-game action now feeds into little directional rumbles on various parts of the controller. It’s pretty neat, but after a night spent with haptics on, I’m having second thoughts.

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