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Burn in hell, brand license buy-outs


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Ugh. That’s the theme of this week’s Plugged In: ugh. Ugh.

Now, what I’m gonna talk about isn’t a new trend. In fact it’s something that’s been around for ages, a topic you’ve probably come across yourself. Yes, you guessed it, I’m talking about companies buying licenses of defunct brands and then releasing an inferior product that ruins the original’s memory. That old chestnut.

And what, I hear you ask, prompted this response? Led to this tirade? Well, I’ve got one word for you: Blackberry

Last week, some news surfaced that those classic, full keyboard Blackberry phones everyone was so fond of in the 2000s will hit the market again in 2021. The kicker? They won’t actually be made by the original company behind the devices you remember.