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Brie & Nikki Bella Urge the Importance of Speaking Out Against Racism


Brie and Nikki Bella used this week’s episode of The Bellas Podcast to join the nationwide conversation currently happening about racism, and more specifically, George Floyd‘s tragic death.

Brie prefaced the discussion by acknowledging that while she and her twin sister typically keep the podcast “fun and upbeat,” they wanted to address what’s happening

“This whole racism situation in America…a lot of it has been affecting me, but George Floyd, that one really got me,” Brie said. “And in a way, I feel like it got everyone where it just broke you.”

She continued, “And to the point that Nikki and I wanted to speak on this because it’s at the point where I, literally, the last couple days, I had to get off social media because you do see the big debate. I’m blown away by some ignorant comments I see because I put up a post about racism and parenting, and I could not believe what some people were saying back to me.”

Brie went on to explain that she’s been thinking about everything through her lens as a mom.

“You’re not born racist. You learn it,” she expressed. “And where you learn it is your household. You learn it from your parents. You’re raised in it. And it’s our duty as parents to teach our kids to not be racist, to love everyone, show kindness.”

She added that she and Nikki were “blessed” to be raised in a family where they were taught “that no matter what financial status anyone is, no matter the color of their skin, we’re all equal.”

And with that in mind, she encouraged other parents to take a look at the environment they’re creating for their children.

“I just want all of you out there to just really, right now, just look and see, what is it your kids hear in their house? And what do you teach them?” she asked. “Because we can teach them the ABCs. I can teach Birdie all about the solar system. But the one thing that I do always teach Birdie is kindness and that every single person is equal. And she will always know that in our household.”

Nikki reiterated many of Brie’s sentiments, also explaining that it’s “mind-boggling” for her that some “judge and treat people based on the color of their skin.”

“I will just never understand that,” she added, noting that she does, however, understand the importance of speaking out and making your voice heard.

“We have to use our platforms more than ever now to promote not being racist; to stick up for the black community. Because what is happening here in America, it’s not okay. Like, I will fight anyone on that,” Nikki explained. “It is not okay to kneel on someone’s neck like that, and they’re telling you they can’t breathe? It’s disgusting to me. And it’s not okay. And the fact that we didn’t get justice right away, that is what caused all this. We needed justice.”

Nikki continued, “And so, for me, it’s like, whether your platform is millions of followers or a couple hundred, we all have to step up now. We all have to use our voice. Use it as you please or where you want, but the only way we’re truly gonna see change is if we all come together.”

She cited her and Brie’s time in the WWE as an example of people coming together—both the women in the organization and their fans—to create change and make strides toward gender quality. 

“So guess what? Now, as human beings, we have to unite. And we need more people so we can make changes,” Nikki said. “And I just truly hope that people see this, you know, with more positivity and they’re more enlightened and they’re not looking at all this being hateful. Why the riots are happening is ’cause people are just so angry because they don’t know what to do anymore.”

Nikki noted that it probably feels like “constantly wanting something to happen,” only it never does.

“And you’re just at the point where you’re frustrated because you’re like, ‘How can they hear me? Why am I not being heard?'” she added. “And this is the way to be heard.”

“We’re in 2020 and there’s no reason for any of this,” Nikki expressed, wrapping up her thoughts on the matter. “You should never be scared to jog in your own neighborhood because of the color of your skin. You should never be scared to be pulled over because of the color of your skin. You should never be afraid to do anything in the United States of America because of the color of your skin.”

Brie issued a similar parting message, urging their listeners to avoid violence and instead fight for “unity” and “love.”

For more ways to take action and get involved, please click here.

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