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Breakout assets of 20202020 年の大人気アセットをお得な価格でご提供 ―「年末年始セール」のご案内


2020 saw some crazy things, including a few new standout assets you may not have seen.


Each year, thousands of new and updated assets arrive at the Unity Asset Store, from 3D models to full-featured game templates. Experienced developers know how powerful these assets can be, helping them to save time, amplify their efforts, and ultimately release projects faster. While tried-and-true assets are highlighted by high ratings and testimonials from their fanbases, we wanted to showcase some new and notable selections that have quickly proved their power and potential but might still be under your radar.


Freya Holmér

Many devs remember Shader Forge, an insanely powerful visual scripting tool for creating shaders within Unity. Today, we have Amplify Shader Editor and the built-in Shader Graph tool, which fill in the space created by Shader Forge.

Freya Holmér is back with a brand-new asset called Shapes. An instant bestseller, “Shapes is a real-time vector graphics library with high-quality line drawing and infinite resolution shapes, rendered with advanced anti-aliasing techniques,” according to Freya.

Reviewer tomraegan sums it up: “This extremely professional asset surprises at each turn, from performant shapes, low draw calls, flexibility in shape manipulation and coloring, deep levels of customized shape effects (the dotted lines are my favorite) and superior appearance in-game.”



Game Creator
Catsoft Studios

While technically not released in 2020, Game Creator has found a huge following this year. It’s a theme-agnostic suite of tools designed to get games off the ground quickly, empowering all users to create games without writing a line of code.

This powerful asset pack continues to expand with Melee, a newer add-on module for the Game Creator ecosystem. The Melee module brings “a fully-fledged close quarter combat system” to Game Creator, as well as tools to drive smart AI behaviors.



RayFire for Unity
RayFire Studios

Things often get blown up and destroyed in video games. A lot. To drive this destruction, RayFire for Unity offers developers the ability to demolish or slice objects at runtime over and over again, splintering pretty much anything into oblivion. Updates landing in 2020 have taken RayFire (and its popularity among game devs) to the next level.

As the developer puts it, “RayFire provides Advanced Dynamic Simulation Control over your simulated objects and demolished fragments like Activating them at the moment you need and affect them by Bomb explosion, Gun shooting, Wind and Vortex forces.”

Users are also discovering the power of a tool that works not only on meshes but also on skinned meshes, letting them create effects that shatter bad guys with a freezing ray and so much more.


RPG Builder

For those looking to create an epic RPG, the aptly named RPG Builder helps you do it. Introduced to the Asset Store at the end of 2020, this game editor brings AI, combat systems, stats, abilities, and other RPG-favorite mechanics like pet systems to your fingertips.

We love the community that has formed in the months following this system’s release, with active development, support, and conversation on the publishers’ Discord channel, which indicates RPG Builder will be supported and expanded in the future.



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