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Breaking Down the World of Scarlet Nexus


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Mixing aliens with sci-fi usually results in bad news for
humans, and the bleak world of action RPG Scarlet Nexus delivers all the doom
one could hope for amidst such beautiful gloom.

As the story goes, a long time ago an extraterrestrial
life-form known as the “Others” descended on earth and began to prey on the
brains of living creatures—including humans. Suddenly, humanity had to scramble
like cockroaches, entrapped on the surface of the planet and forced to endure random
onslaughts from the Others like other natural catastrophes such as tornadoes, hurricanes,
or wild fires.

At the same time, a psionic hormone was discovered in the
human brain, granting human beings extra-sensory powers that changed the world
as we know it. Highly resistant to conventional weapons and combat tactics,
those with acute extra-sensory abilities, known as psychics, became humanity’s
only chance to stop the onslaught from above and preserve our species.

Since then, psychics have been scouted for their talents
and recruited to the Other Suppression Force (OSF), humanity’s last line of
defense. The OSF was organized to fight against the Others, and only those with
exceptional brain power—a hyper sense all human beings are born with and
connected by—have the ability to exterminate the Others.

For folks suffering under the suppression of the Others,
members of the elite OSF are their heroes, and saviors. At this time, a fresh
crop of incoming recruits will join the OSF and be sent to the frontlines in
the epic battle against the Others.

Protagonists include Yuito Sumeragi with his can-do
attitude and Kasane Randall, who unflinchingly accepts her fate:

Yuito Sumeragi

A bright and kind boy full of resilience, he is the
second son of the prestigious Sumeragi family, whose ancestor was the founding
father of New Himuka. The family is a political dynasty, with his father
leading the current government and his brother serving as a bureaucratic commander
of OSF. When he was young he got almost killed by an Other, but a member of OSF
saved him. When he became old enough he enlisted in the OSF, and endured hard
training to become a warrior who always helps those weaker than him.

Kasane Randall

A chill and rational girl who is a bit indifferent to those
around her, she is a rare breed with superb fighting skills and power who was
scouted by the OSF and graduated at the top of her class. She lost her parents
in an Other attack when she was young and became the adopted daughter of the
Randall family, who runs a huge military corporation.

Key companions that can join our heroes, each with their
own unique skillsets and special powers, include:

Hanabi Ichijo

A childhood friend of Yuito who has a cheerful and
energetic personality, she despises any injustice she sees. A hard-charging
warrior who always acts before thinking, some people wrongly mistake her
recklessness for a lack of compassion.

Gemma Garrison

A grizzled veteran, what Gemma lacks in speed and power
due to his age, he makes up with experience and reliability. Extremely serious
and earnest to a point that he is sometimes clumsy, his deep expertise in heavy
combat is always a welcomed addition to any team repelling an Others onslaught.

Luka Travers

Though at first glance he looks like a gentle teenage
boy, Luka has a brilliant analytical brain that makes him a formidable fighter
in the heat of battle. Despite his boyish appearance, he is one of the OSF’s
seven elite “Septentrion” members who have superior powers.

Shiden Ritter

A contrarian with a sharp tongue and pessimistic nature,
he’s not the friendliest of allies but can always be counted on when the chips
are down. Shiden’s exceptional combat skills and abrasive personality make him
an essential, if not engaging, team member.

Kyoka Eden

Admired among OSF officers for her beauty and
intelligence, Kyoka prefers to focus on the wellbeing of others more than
herself. Though she can sometimes be an overbearing mother figure when leading
OSF platoons, she transforms into a fierce and fearsome warrior when combat
gets heavy.

Arashi Spring

The PR rep and face of OSF, the young and sunny Arashi is
always polite when the cameras are rolling. But when the lights go down and the
common folk aren’t watching, she’ll slack off. Despite her split personality,
she is an engineering genius and when focused, can be an awesome ally.

Kagero Donne

A sociable and somewhat frivolous young man, Kagero’s
handsome looks and silver tongue help him befriend almost anyone. He insists on
being the life of the party, joking around in even the most dire straits, and never
accepts defeat.

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