Sony and JBL Bluetooth Speaker Your Best Music Experience

The most natural thing is that when we go to make a purchase, the first thing that worries us is how much we are going to spend. That’s why we decided to introduce you the cheapest Bluetooth speakers on the market in this first section of our guide, so you know from now that you can buy without investing too much. Know them with us:

Websites put at your disposal cheap Bluetooth speakers with good ratings. Such is the case of this Bluetooth shower speaker in mini size, which is perfect to use in the pool or while taking a relaxing bath and that only costs 6 euros. It is equipped with a suction cup that sticks easily to any flat surface, its battery lasts up to 6 hours, and its wireless connection range is up to 10 meters and includes its USB cable so you can charge your battery.

What are the Bluetooth speakers for?

If you are thinking about buying Bluetooth speakers from saim deals, you must be clear about what they are for as there are many models on the market, all with different powers, presentations, designs, and special features.

Basically, Bluetooth speakers are used to llistening to music from your smartphone, tablet, TV, radio or PC with different power levels according to the model. They also serve to answer phone calls with their hands-free function, listen to movies with the best sound effects in the comfort of your home and take music anywhere.

Multiple uses, versatility, attractive designs, the best technology and the best brands are just some of the reasons why buying Bluetooth speakers will be an extraordinary investment. Keep reading and find out which are the best equipment available for each need.

Choose Bluetooth speaker JBL

If you are a lover of good brands, buying JBL Bluetooth speakers is a great alternative. This equipment’s are recognized for their wide resistance, versatility and durability. Many users prefer a JBL Bluetooth speaker because they represent an excellent investment and quality alternative. We present some of your models.

JBL Charge 2 chooses a JBL Bluetooth speaker for mobile

If you want a simple JBL Bluetooth speaker this is a good option. You can connect with your smartphone or tablet, even to answer calls by pressing a single button. It gives you autonomy of up to 12 hours of reproduction and is resistant to splashes.

JBL Go gets the smallest, most powerful and cheapest JBL Bluetooth speaker.

If you need a powerful and cheap Bluetooth speaker this option may interest you. It is the JBL Bluetooth speaker that connects to your smartphone or tablet and you can also use its auxiliary MP3 input; it offers a battery life of up to 5 hours of playback and is small, light and compact to take with you anywhere.

JBL Flip 3 opts for a portable JBL Bluetooth speaker


Having a portable Bluetooth speaker is ideal to take the sound anywhere. With this model, you can connect up to three smartphones or tablets at once, the durable rubber cover that will protect it from falls and also a battery that provides up to 10 hours of autonomy. It is a splash resistant waterproof Bluetooth speaker, with a very attractive design and available in multiple colors.

JBL CHARGE 3 chooses a Bluetooth speaker for JBL mobile with excellent performance

While this model is similar to the JBL Flip 3, it doubles the number of hours of battery playback with 20. It is also a JBL Bluetooth speaker that supports three smartphones or tablets at the same time. Another of its improvements is that it is a Bluetooth speaker for mobile with which you can answer your incoming calls just by pressing a button. And if that were not enough, this equipment is submersible in the water and not only resistant to splashes.

Select Sony Bluetooth speaker

The electronics giant Sony has also developed a line of Bluetooth speakers that represent an excellent option and include important improvements such as NFC technology that gives you the opportunity to link devices with just a touch between them. From portable speakers to high-powered Bluetooth speakers, Sony continues to strive to develop durable and versatile equipment.

Sony SRS-XB2 gets this Sony Bluetooth speaker with NFC technology

The advantages of this Sony Bluetooth speaker are many: it is water resistant, with a compact design to take it anywhere; its battery lasts up to 12 hours of playback and also an extra bass sound system that gives you more power. As if it was not enough, it has NFC technology that facilitates pairing, that is, if your source device is the same technology you will only have to play both devices and they will already be connected, and if not, then you use the Bluetooth and that’s it.

Sony SRS-X11BC decides to buy good and cheap Bluetooth speakers from Sony

This is a cube Sony Bluetooth speaker that emits sound in several directions, its built-in battery allows continuous 12-hour playback, its sound power is 10 W, and although it is the smallest device that presents us Sony surprises for its performance, performance, and price.

Sony BSP10 the Sony mini Bluetooth speaker

The advantage of a mini speaker is that you will take it with you to any place with great ease and if you add that it is a Sony device, you will get guaranteed satisfaction. Its circular design lets the sound travel in all directions, has 10 hours of battery life in playback mode, reaches a connection range of up to 10 meters and also works to answer calls.


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