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Yoga to boost immunity this winter

Yoga to boost immunity this winter 1

It is very common to catch a common cold in the winter season. Weak body and, due to low immunity, you can get away from an active lifestyle and easily become a victim of diseases.

Getting sick from colds and fever, lying in bed all day and staying away from work can be quite confusing. In such a situation, the only thing that comes to everyone’s mind is that by doing just this disease can be cured.

Yoga can easily help you in this situation. Yoga is a natural immunity booster which helps to make the body and mind healthy as well as to protect from many diseases.

That’s why in this article I will give you information about 5 such yoga asanas which will make your body healthy as well as help in increasing immunity in winter.

What does the immune system do?

The immune system or immunity is a large and systematic network of cells, tissues, and organs. It protects the body from germs, viruses and microorganisms. The immune system plays an important role in protecting the body from diseases/infections and keeping it healthy.

Such a large system requires a well-organized operating system to function properly. Our body’s immune system also works in a similar way. It first identifies the germs of the disease in the body and then works in systematic steps to fight it.

Many times, our body’s immune system gets affected due to various reasons. For these reasons

  • Stress
  • Missing an active lifestyle
  • Bad eating habits

Whenever these habits start becoming part of your behaviour then it cannot be called good. But the good news is that you can get your old glow and health back by practicing yoga continuously. 500 Hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh can help you learn all the aspects of yoga and help you to gain in-depth knowledge about yoga philosophy and asanas.

If you are not sure, then you should read this article till the end.

Best yoga asanas to bust immunity

Yoga to boost immunity this winter 2


Vrikshasana is also called tree posture. This is because it shows the stability and balance of the tree. Vrikshasana is considered a very simple asana of hatha yoga. It should be practised at dawn with an empty stomach and a fresh mind.

But if for some reason you cannot practice it in the morning, then you can do it during the office lunch break or even before dinner. In this asana, you have to balance yourself and practice this asana by taking deep breaths on each leg.


Padangushthasana is considered an important posture of yoga science. It helps in stretching many muscles of the body simultaneously. These include the muscles behind your legs, the spine and neck muscles.

Padangushthasana is the seat of hatha yoga. It can be practiced every morning on an empty stomach for 30 seconds. If you cannot do this asana in the morning, then it can be practiced 2-3 hours before dinner.


Trikonasana is also called Triangle Asana. This posture got its name because of its triangle-like shape. It is one of the best rugs to boost the immune system.

Trikonasana is the simple yoga of configuration style. This asana should be practiced for 30 seconds or 5 to 10 deep breaths.

The practice of trikonasana should be done on an empty stomach in the morning. But if you cannot do Trigonasana in the morning for any reason, then you can practice this asana even after at least 2-3 hours after eating.


Utkatasana is also called chair posture. There is no difficulty in performing this asana. One has to sit in shape like a chair, but there is no chair. The body has to bend like a chair. This is the biggest challenge of this posture. Utkatasana can be practiced for 30 to 60 seconds or up to 5-10 deep breaths.


Bhujangasana is also known as Sarpanasana. It looks like a raised snake’s fun. Bhujangasana is part of Surya Namaskar posture. Bhujangasana is considered a basic level asana in Ashtanga yoga. It can be practiced for 15–30 seconds or 5–10 long breaths.

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