Working from Home: Is it good or bad?


How do you feel about work from home?

Work from home comes with a mix of emotions and responses. Some feel good about it, and some feel bad about it. The coin always has two sides, and knowing both sides is the best way to conclude.

Both good and bad walk together based on your perception and experience. Look at the following points that explain the varied situations related to work from home concept. Read them and decide if it is a happy thing or a sad thing.

You do not need to rush to the ce

BUT ………………

You need to take care of the household chores

Of course, the good thing is that you are not a slave of the clock. Nobody pushes you to reach to the office at a particular time. You can get up at your time and even if there is a login time, at least do that and take a bath later. No one is there to check if you are working or taking breakfast. The only important thing is the performance.

The bad and sad part is, you have to do all the household work, which become a natural cause of the disturbance. From morning tea to dinner, many distractions become unbearable with time, but you cannot do anything.

Easy to choose a workplace of comfort


Your working hours increase

The good and the bad walk together in this world. The experience of work from home is not an exception.

YES, while working from your place, it is possible to choose a place where you like to work. No one is there to peep into your work, oh yes, no jealous, cunning colleague is there to disturb you. Sit wherever you like, near the window, on the sofa, in front of the television eating popcorn, or whatever, it is your world.


Let the other side of reality come forward. Usually, people express the concern on the increased working hours when they work from home. Most of the times, it happens because the employer thinks that people do not stay attentive in the comfort of abode. After the covid-19 lockdown, people expressed the same concern. They said that their employers think that we do not pay attention to the daily tasks and are enjoying a complete luxury.

You can save a lot of money


It isn’t easy to qualify for financial products

Both the conditions are correct and reveal the impact on financial life. The daily commute to the office takes a lot of money from monthly income. Besides, the other expenses like eating lunch out, buying a water bottle, going to party after office add to the burden. But working from home saves money on all these aspects.

To survive in the money has driven world, it is necessary to have a good income that you can prove. Credit cards, personal loans, mortgage, car loan, business loan etc. all are important based on the purpose. However, for the people working from home, it is always difficult to prove the repayment capacity. Their salary does not come under the category of the standard wage.

Also, the volatile nature of income creates a big mess. Big financial decisions come under immediate effect. Suppose if you are looking for best remortgage deals with no fees to get a cheaper deal on a current home, then the task is difficult. The lender asks for the employment stability and salary proof and if not satisfied, rejects the application.

You can make your routine


You may feel lazy and lose zeal for work

Of course, it is great to be your boss. Decide your routine, daily target, start at your preferred time, close at you will, do everything with convenience. No outer disturbance is there, tailor the day in the desired manner. Take the lunch at the desired time, take multiple short breaks; no one is there to stop.

But, the side effect is that it is straightforward to become a victim of laziness. Eating chips while watching a movie hardly leaves any possibility/intention to get back to work. The morning routine is usually topsy turvy. No habit of getting up early, taking a bath timely, starting work late causes dullness. The loss of concentration brings depression as the prime consequence. During the current lockdown due to corona pandemic, people all over the world got into severe depression. Some people even committed suicide.  


After all the above points, one conclusion that arises is that there is nothing good or bad about work from home culture. It is about your personal experiences that vary from others. The final choice is of the concerned person only, and we all are smart and mature enough to make our choices. Right???