Why You Should Replace Curtains with Blinds This Year


Thinking about redoing your interior? Window treatments would definitely be on your to-do list. Window coverings are of course large taking up much of visible wall space. So, why exactly should you replace curtains with blinds? Well, there are many different reasons for that.

Of course, blinds will not be for everyone. Yet, their overall appeal can be much greater than something like curtains and drapes. If you are thinking about redoing your interior this year, take that chance with blinds. Here are few reasons that should compel you to replace curtains with blinds:

Blinds Are More Affordable

Window blinds are much more affordable options for interior redecorations. These perform the perfect window covering functionality and are yet available for much less sums of money. A typical set of curtains sets you back around $60-70. Whereas, high quality blinds can be had for around half that.

Decent looking roller window blinds can be available for around $40 easily. Even cheaper deals can be availed when you buy in bulk or on promotion prices. Of course, some blinds cost most than some curtains. But, overall, blinds are much cheaper than curtains.

Their overall affordability is one of the major reasons why you should replace curtains with blinds this year. If you are someone who does seasonal interior changes, cheaper price points will suit you best. Definitely check out blinds for lower prices with this year’s new interior settings.

Blinds Are Easy to Install

Another reason you should consider blinds over curtains is their easy installation. Curtains and drapes would need additional railings, rod fittings and possibly even side skirting to hold them in place. Window blinds on the other hand will need only a few nails or a drill and that’s about it.

Almost everyone can install windows blinds easily. All you need to do is to drill a few holes and fit their outer fittings in. Most blinds like your vertical window blinds come with their fittings attached. Even if their fittings are not attached, sellers usually bundle them with the blinds themselves.

Similarly, blinds are easier to maintain as well. Where on curtains, if you get damage, pretty much all of the curtains have to be replaced. On blinds especially the wooden or metal venetians, you can even change their individual slats cheaply and conveniently. Replace curtains with blinds for easy installation.

Blinds Are More Compact

Curtains and drapes have typically been very large requiring a lot of wall space. Although their full to the floor wall coverage has been appreciated by many, modern people prefer more compact options. Windows blinds of all kinds fit that description perfectly for all preferences.

Being more compact, blinds offer greater accessory options. You can use and place more accessories like glass shelves and whatever on them near blinds. Also, a vase can be placed inside the window pane if you have a wide window design. All these will not be so possible with curtains.

Replace curtains with blinds to get that greater customizability option for your interior settings. Also, their potentially limitless coloring and texture options make them more viable for people who like to tinker with interior designing a lot.

Blinds Look and Feel Modern

Curtains and drapes have worked very well for so long. They still work fine in certain settings. However, when you want something that looks and feel modern just like other parts of your home, blinds certainly qualify. Curtains and drapes have that old school vibe to them that doesn’t go away.

There is nothing wrong with having that old school vibe in your interior settings when you have rest that matches. For interiors looking solely to get a modern design, to replace curtains with blinds is the best option. Their sharp lines, fancy textures and limitless color options make them scream modernism.

Easier Functionality with Automated Options

Drapes and curtains have essentially worked on the same principles for many centuries. You can either slide them to the side and reveal your windows fully or have them covered completely. Options like wooden window blinds, metal venetians, vertical blinds and others take things to a new level.

For one, you can pull on strings a lot easier to open and shut blinds on windows. Secondly, you can also shift their slats at angles letting in controlled daylight while still keeping privacy. Daylight filtering specialized blinds and venetians provide greater functionality.

Then, there is the option for automated windows blinds as well. Motorized blinds can also be set with daylight or temperature sensors offering automatic functionality. Curtains and drapes just don’t match that. This is another reason to replace curtains with blinds.

Greater Color and Design Choices

While you can argue blinds made from wooden materials, metals or even composite softer materials are available in any colors needed, so can be curtains. But, where blinds absolutely shine is their ability to be repainted, recolored and even repolished. Curtains can be treated the same way.

Curtains and drapes lose their color and shine since they are always made from soft fabrics. On the other hand, blinds are actually available in wider color and design choices as well. Replace curtains with blinds to get that extreme designability with unlimited options for your interiors.

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