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Why Should You Invest in Translation Services?

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Translation services, when used properly, can be a huge asset. The marketers that have the foresight to arm themselves with language translation services or book translation services are opening doors to previously untapped markets. This requires some planning, such as setting aside funds for a translation and language service, but it is possible to reach millions of potential customers that would normally not have access to a given product or source of information.

Language service providers, sometimes called translators or LSPs, are companies that offer translation, interpretation, and localization services for written and often, video, and audio products or services. They are usually available to help translate and localize material and content in areas that include:

  • Book translation services
  • Websites and landing pages
  • Social media content
  • Marketing collateral like flyers, business cards, posters, and brochures
  • Campaigns and included digital or print materials
  • Press releases or media alerts
  • Video subtitles
  • Niche market items such as Christian translation, medical or legal translation

The advantages of hiring such a company is that key marketing pieces can be translated to reach new customers, create a better customer experience, and improve purchasing numbers. Additionally, a strong translation will improve SEO and search rankings through the use of keyword translation. Once marketing materials are offered in new target languages, you can grow an international image that is specific to your brand. Though there are many reasons translation services are something that should be invested in for your company, three of the main ones will be shared below.

Improve Purchases

Assuming that customers or potential customers speak a given language and allowing yourself to skip the step of translating is pure oversight. If you have an international market, there is no reason to assume that all potential customers can speak your native language nor that an automatic translation through the computer will suffice as a way to connect with customers. There is a proven link between providing content in the native language of consumers and those same consumers making a purchase. This is true in any area of business or information sharing. Whether you are sharing Christian translations or instructions on how to build a home, having the information available in a native language is a big draw for potential consumers.

If you happen to be on the fence about getting your content translated into new languages, then you are really missing an opportunity for markets that you have been unable to reach. Choose a couple of popular languages in the areas in which you want your products available. Once these are successful, then add more languages as the budget allows. When working with a professional translation company, not just content will be translated, but it will also be grammatically correct and include localization where needed. Localization is simply translating the material to fit the new language and culture. This may mean switching photos to make them more culturally relevant or even removing colloquialisms because they do not make sense in the target language.


Multilingual marketing is a cost-effective option to globally market your company and products. Through the use of content that already exists in the primary language, the work has already been put in and only the translation and localization need to take place. This basically gets more mileage out of the content you already have created with just a bit of repurposing. If you happen to be the person at a company that has to show the return on investment (ROI) then there are several ways to view translation services.

  • Translation cost vs. revenue – Look at the cost of the actual translation service as compared to purchases in the new market. This can be done quarterly, monthly, or after the first year.
  • Conversion rate – This is a big one after the new site is launched in a target language. You can measure how many customers were actually acquired with the newly translated site and how many of those people made a purchase. This can be compared to the cost of translation as well.
  • Online campaign conversions – If you have translated ads linked to social media and webpages then you can track conversion rates based on those links versus the amount it cost to have the campaigns translated, to begin with.
  • New customer numbers – This one is obvious. If the webpages are translated and customer numbers go up more than usual for the month or quarter than the translation was a success.

There are many other ways to measure the cost-effectiveness of translation services. These are just options that are relatively simple to do. It is up to you to determine how to note whether the translation is working and if it should be expanded to further translations.

SEO and Marketing Efforts

The top inbound marketing priority for most companies and organizations from Christian translators to lawnmower salesmen is growing organic presence. This is important because search engines point people toward your site and can clinch a sale. When top-quality content is available in multiple languages, then your digital trail is expanded. This means more people see your site and have access to your products or information. If SEO is already a major part of your budget, then language translation will uncover new keywords and further SEO efforts.

The language translation service that you choose should be able to guide you in the best keywords for your website and the translation. This will likely include suggestions for localization that allows you to move up the ranks in common search engines. The translation is a great investment, but it is one that must be completed by professionals to truly be effective.

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