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Why do you need to add social to your SEO?

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There has been a change in what search engines like Google prioritize in SEO. It used to be that the page rank was only determined by singular keywords. As the algorithm that Google uses to determine page rank has evolved, so have the demands of searchers. People are not looking for a web page that just has a word list; they are looking for a website that can solve their problem.

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There is still a focus on keywords, but this has now shifted towards the intent behind those words and the search needs of users. That means Google is looking to make sure your website answers your customers’ questions. A keyword list won’t do this, but the useful information that those keywords include will.

Why do you need to add social to your SEO? 3

This is why the focus has shifted to long-tail key phrases. These are things that will likely appeal to your specific audience. The logic behind this is that if someone types an unknown phrase into a search engine, they are much more likely to find the information they need on your site.

So what does this have to do with the social?

Google treats Facebook and Twitter pages like any other page it sweeps, and links those accounts to your website. The more content you place on social media, the more keywords and phrases will be linked to your site. (Since comments made by real people on social media are more conversational, it also means they can help you with your long-tail key phrases and prepare you for voice search.)

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If you are creating backlinks to your website through a blog, promoting that blog through social media, and getting people talking about it, the blog seems more trustworthy and valuable to Google . As such, it will have a greater impact on your page ranking. If people share a link to your blog on social media, it can act as their own credible backlink to your website

Google claims that it doesn’t take social signals into account when it comes to ranking pages, but there is a definite correlation between websites that have a strong social media following and how they rank in the search engine. Bing openly states that the frequency with which a link has been tweeted or retweeted (and the authority of the person it was retweeted to) definitely has an impact on a page’s ranking.

Even if retweets, likes, and shares don’t rank, your organic audience size does. Just like a backlink from a reputable site makes that link more valuable, links to healthy social media sites are also more valuable. That means the better your social media presence, the more beneficial it will be for your SEO.

One of the emerging trends in SEO is the fact that user experience is increasingly important. More than just optimizing your website for mobile and accelerated loading: Google is looking at how long people are spending on your pages to determine how much they enjoy the experience.

A strong social media experience means that people will spend more time interacting with your business. If people enjoy the social side of your business, Google will find that by recommending your site above others, people are more likely to enjoy the result they present. This can be as simple as embedding posts on your site or setting up a feed to see what people are saying on social media about your business.

The other important fact to consider is that social media is now another way to attract customers to your business. In the UK, for example, 44 million people use Facebook every month. That is 2 out of every three people. Many of them are on social media for several hours a day. They are more likely to find out about your business with a targeted Facebook post or ad as they are finding it in a search when looking from themselves.

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It doesn’t mean that social media marketing is replacing SEO, but rather it provides another way to attract business to your website. Ultimately, SEO and social media work well together. Strong SEO can provide data to create targeted and similar audiences on social media, greatly enhancing your impact. As detailed above, social media can also do a lot for SEO.

The best solution is to have strong SEO and strong social media. As time goes by, the social is not going to be less important. It is also clear that people will continue to use search engines to find an answer to their problems. A website you heard about on social media will carry more weight than another site, even if it ranks higher on the list. In the future, that metric will likely affect page ranking, but in the short term it definitely affects click-through rate.