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Why Do You Need A Puppy Age Calculator?


You are half awake when your little fellow scoots in your arms and rest his face on you. The rush of happiness is evident from the warmth in the environment and smile on your face.

Such is the morning of every dog owner. Lucky, right? The unconditional love dog owners receive to try to pay back by taking good care of their pet’s health and celebrating small events. One of the most important and highlighted events is dog birthday.

Usually, people thought just how people get to celebrate birthdays on a yearly basis, dogs have birthdays on a yearly basis too. However, this isn’t the case. There are multiple sites, applications, and vets that can provide you puppy age chart or animal age calculator just like a cat age calculator to calculate the accurate age. Dog’s birthday depends on multiple factors like breed can vary which varies the age of your puppy.

Dog Years Vs Human Years

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You will hear a lot of “dog year” and “human year” when owning a puppy. However, they are totally opposite of one another, almost conflicting with the nomenclature systems in which the terms are explained. Both systems are extremely popular and correct. Following is the brief description of both:

  1. The first system is “human year” which represents a 365 days a long year where “dog year” is equivalent to the time of the dog’s lifetime just how a calendar year is for the humans. Like a 5-year-old dog would be equivalent to 5 human years or 36 dog years old.
  2. The second system utilizes the “dog year’ to represent a calendar year in a dog’s life. “Human year” is the equivalent age of a human being. In this system, a 5-year-old dog will be equivalent to 5 dog years or about 36 human years old.

The dog age calculators usually use the second system to calculate the age for you.

Why is it important to know your Puppy’s Age?

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Before adopting a new fellow, you must ensure that the pet is the right one for you and your family. One of the important factors to consider here is age. Studies have shown that the bond between people and their pets can enhance wellbeing, fitness, lower stress, and bring happiness to their owners. However, choosing the right pet is crucial here.

The importance of age does not end with the selection, but it continues until the very end. The growth of the puppy is divided into five different stages. It eases the owner to know the needs and important to take care of when growing a dog. The stages include:

  • The neonatal stage (Birth to first two weeks)
  • The transitional stage (Two to four weeks)
  • The socialization stage (Three to twelve weeks)
  • The ranking stage (Three to six months)
  • The adolescence stage (Six to eighteen months)

Every stage demands different routines, food, and medical needs. To ensure the health of your dear fellow, it is important that you are aware of the actual age of your dog.

Along with health, knowing age is important for celebrations. For love, happiness pets bring home, pet owners repay them by celebrating little events. These events give the opportunity for pets and their owners to get close and spend quality time.

Effects of Aging in Dogs

Humans and dogs are very similar when it comes to changes in the body with age. Having a pet age calculator can save you from many health risks. Senior dogs are less active and love sleeping over activities like running, jumping, and other physical exercises. This can cause negligence to some of their serious conditions.

With age, the most common issue dogs face is digestive problems or skin issues. The puppy age calculators will help you know when to take your dog to vet for needed vaccines and changes in food to avoid any health issue.

Following are some of the age-related effects experienced in dogs which can be cured if provided with the right medical assistance:

  • Diabetes
  • Weakened immunity
  • Increasing infections
  • Cysts and Tumors
  • Drying, darkening and brittle skin, increased loss or greying of hair
  • Weakness in muscles and bones
  • Frequent gastric and stomach upset
  • Loss of teeth
  • Decreased activity and lower energy

Concerned about how to calculate your pet’s birthday? You can always take assistance from apps like Pet B Day available at Android and iOS stores. They have built-in calculator amongst other features that will help you calculate your pet’s birthday in an instant and with ease.