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Why do you need a local SEO strategy in your business?

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Surely you have noticed that Google is giving priority to local results. And it is doing it to the point that, today, less and less organic results are shown in the first positions when they are occupied by local suggestions or paid ads.

What is Local SEO?

Clearly, we can define local SEO as the set of techniques aimed at optimizing and positioning the visibility of a web page based on the geographical location of the users who perform the searches. And it has all the logic in the world that a company that is physically in a geographical area is found by potential customers who are close to the area and are conducting searches related to their activity.

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Why Does Local SEO Benefit Your Business?

The first benefit that your business obtains when you carry out an excellent local SEO strategy is the improvement of your positioning when the users who perform a search are close to the area. But also, we cannot lose sight of the fact that local SEO is good for:

Optimize your business resources and focus your attention on certain actions that can really bring you conversions, something that would not happen if you only worked on global SEO.

 To be found more easily by customers who are ready to make a purchase. If not, why would someone look for a “La vaca restaurant” if they weren’t looking for a place to eat in the city?

 Improve the credibility of your brand, especially if you have a complete Google My Business file that has all the updated information, high ratings and positive reviews.

Increase traffic to your website and make you more visible on Google Maps. It is obvious that when you narrow the range of influence of your business, the competition is usually less and the chances of positioning increase, which translates into more traffic.

How do I work the local SEO of my website?

Always use the same NAP:

If you want to appear in the searches carried out by users who are close to your business, it is necessary that you always clearly indicate the same NAP. Or what is the same your name address and telephone (name, address and phone).

Do not forget that these data are not only on your website but also in the data used by directories, portals, social networks … They must be consistent and coincide on all platforms to generate greater trust and make life easier for users who go to search engines.

Optimize your Google My Business listing:

We believe that you are registered in the directory. If not, you just have to perform a geo located search and see the result that Google suggests in its right column, with an image and location map included, to realize its importance.

But it is not only that your business has its Google My Business file but that it is optimized with a good description in which you include the keywords for which you are interested in positioning, the category of your business and other elements such as photographs, videos… In short, this file is mini pages that will be shown to many people so it will help you improve you’re positioning but also establish your brand image.

 Follow a good keyword strategy:

Forget about generic keywords. These, in addition to having more competition that will hinder your positioning, are more oriented to perform a global SEO. For a Local Seo strategy it is more appropriate to opt for middle or long tail keywords directly related to your location.

In other words, it is very positive for your SEO strategy that you include your city or your province in the key expressions for which you want to position. And when we talk about including them, we mean that you add them in the title (main tag that names the page with a length of up to 60 characters), in the meta description (fragment that shows Google about your business in the form of a small description of up to 155 characters), in the headings in sections and posts (H1, H2, H3…) and in the ALT texts and names of the images / videos.

Don’t forget Trip Advisor and other local directories:

Trip Advisor is currently one of the most authoritative pages on the Internet Based on a popular voting and recommendation system although it is not suitable for all businesses if yours operates in the hospitality sector your presence here can be very beneficial for your local SEO.

 Mentions, opinions and comments that feed your SEO:

The famous rating stars that your business receives on Google or that positive comment that a client has left on your Facebook fan page carries much more weight than you think. So much so that according to a survey conducted by the Local Consumer Review Survey echoed by Marketing 84% of users consult the online opinions of other consumers and give them as much importance as they would give the opinion of a friend.

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