Why Car Accidents Increased During The Coronavirus Pandemic: An Analysis

Why Car Accidents Increased During The Coronavirus Pandemic: An Analysis 1

After the third wave of the pandemic in the USA, the government has declared a full-scale lockdown. Most companies have asked their employees to work remotely if possible. At the same time, others have downsized the worker’s capacity in the commercial place.

We have believed that the pandemic and the lockdown followed after will reduce traffic from the road and reduce the number of road accidents.

Well, that’s what everyone believed, but that is not the case. According to a Brooklyn accident lawyer, the number of motor accidents has been accelerated over the past couple of months.

Let’s get Down To The Statistics

According to the NHTSA, the total estimation of death in motor vehicle accidents during January to September 2020 is almost 29,000, which is 4.5% more from the same period in 2019.

The growth of the accidents was not accelerated at first. The First quarter of the year saw only 0.6% of growth. The next quarter saw a downfall of 1.1%, only to spike to a whopping 13.1% in the third quarter.

Other studies from all around the USA have more or less similar results. So can this statistic prove that the pandemic and lockdown have only fueled the death rates? Frankly speaking, statistics do not show the factors that led to such results.

So, before making any conclusion, we must look at the factors that might have played a significant role.

Factors Contributing To The Increase

When we are talking about the factors, there are only a few that can be counted on one hand. Below are the factors that are believed to be the only reasons for the accelerated number of deaths in road accidents.


Out of all the factors here, speeding has been by far the most influential reason to add up the most number of deaths. With the pandemic and lockdown, the streets are clear to throttle your engine to the fullest.

The joy of rising motor vehicles at high speed fills the drivers with an unexplainable joy. However, this joy restricts them from making sane decisions which ultimately cost them their lives.

Dangerous Driving

Apart from speeding, dangerous driving is the second most influential factor contributing to death. Herewith dangerous driving means driving under the influences, rash driving, breaking the signals, and not caring about the pedestrians.

Dangerous driving makes people forget about the surroundings that result in motor vehicle accidental deaths.

Lack Of Patrol Cars On The Roads

As we have already said, the pandemic has called upon a lockdown. That means there is a lack of cops patrolling the roads. This encourages people to do what they want. Without the cops putting restrictions on their movement, speeding and dangerous driving have become a common sight.

How Stay Safe On The Roads?

We only know what has happened till September 2020. The statistics for the end of 2020 and the start of 2021 is still pending. When these two statistics are out, we will be able to further identify the causes.

However, with the existing data, we can conclude that lockdowns have given free licenses to the people to drive on the roads and do whatever they feel like. Drivers are taking advantage of the fact that there are no cops to pull them over and texting while driving.

No matter the case or situation, you must always practice safe driving, not for yourself, but the family members are waiting for your return.


Car Accidents are increasing day by day. If you think you are a careful driver and will never become a part of a car accident, you think the wrong way. No matter how good you are with your driving skills, there is always a fool sitting on the driving seat and driving motor vehicles rashly.

Hence, ensure that you have preventive measures to handle car accidents and the complexity that comes with them.

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