Which Model of Fireplace to Choose for Your Interior?

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Watching the flames of a fireplace dancing in the hearth: a pleasure that would (almost) make us languish in winter but to offer you this bonfire, you still need to know which fireplace mantel stone model to go for. Each one fits into a particular decorative style and has a very specific energy performance. Your decision will also depend on another key factor: do you already have a conduit? If so, you are lucky because you have the choice of an open fireplace, closed hearth, or fireplace with an insert. Without duct, you can choose for simpler installation solutions and very design such as the ethanol fireplace or the electric fireplace. Whatever solution you choose, contact a professional who will be able to guarantee your safety standards. The Marblebee also guarantees the quality of your fireplace mantel stone installation.

Fireplace plays an important role in the decoration and ornament of our houses. There is great competition in the market of various companies providing home improvement appliances like stone bathtubs, sink of various sizes, shapes, material, and texture, especially fireplaces. The fireplace also comes in various shapes, colors, and different materials. A marble fireplace is the most important of all. An important factor in the installation of the fireplace is the proper place and size customization. For this purpose, Marble bee professionals are the most important fit. We have an experienced team for the installation and customization of the fireplace. We also provide a fireplace in your desired color like a black marble fireplace, white marble fireplace, or some other color of your desire. There are various types of fireplaces; some most commonly used and bought are discussed below.

An open fireplace

It is the most widespread model of fireplace. But in terms of thermal efficiency, it is far from being the most efficient since it does not retain heat, and the fire, even well maintained, lasts only a few hours. The open fireplace is, therefore, a preferred solution if you especially want to bring to your interior a plus in terms of aesthetics and conviviality.

A fireplace with insert

The insert transforms your open fireplace into a closed hearth. Often made of cast iron or steel, the insert has a double wall allowing a current of air to circulate and diffuse the heat more widely in your interior. In return, your traditional fireplace thus equipped requires an additional blow as well as more frequent maintenance.

A closed fireplace

If you have a flue but no chimney yet, invest in a closed fireplace mantel stone. It is 5 to 7 times more efficient than a traditional open fireplace while bringing a real more decorative to the room.

An ethanol fireplace

Design, user-friendly, and easy to install, the ethanol fireplace is full of advantages but sometimes criticized for its lack of security. Its strong point? You can install it anywhere in your home and even, at the height of luxury, change it!

An electric fireplace

If your dream of a fireplace but don’t want to suffer the inconvenience? The electric fireplace is also an alternative. Like a radiator, it can occasionally heat small areas. It does not require any special installation and little maintenance. Another advantage is that it offers a wide range of decorative styles. These models have the same appearance as a traditional fireplace mantel stone and are therefore similar to a decorative radiator. Simply connected to the mains, they are easy to use and install and, of course, do not present any fire risk. Their heating power is comparable to that of a conventional electric heater.

A stove

There are two types of stove, requiring or not a duct, with pellets or wood. If we imagine a basic heating system, it is not, and now the specialized brands offer a wide choice of modern models.

Bio-ethanol fireplaces

Particularly aesthetic, they can be installed anywhere because they do not require a conduit. In fact, all shapes and designs are possible. However, these models do not have the slightest impact on your heating and therefore do not qualify for the tax credit. Their fuel emits no odor or dirt but is more expensive than wood.

Gas fireplaces

Freed from the constraints of wood, these fireplaces are powered by town gas or refill bottles. Unlike the ethanol versions, these models are real heating instruments, comparable to gas stoves but with the appearance of a traditional fireplace. Clean and easy to install, they do not require any evacuation and therefore no sweeping.

Marblebee can serve as your best interior design company for your home improvement. We cover all areas of home improvement, from kitchens and bathrooms to the guest rooms and theater seating. We provide all sorts of customization of your order. We always value quality over quantity. So, we have an experienced team of home improvement designers that customize your orders according to your needs. You can fully rely on us.

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