Which Chinese Language Course Is Right for You?


Many people who intend to learn Chinese often feel puzzled about two questions: where to start and what course to choose. 

It is not easy to choose the right course from those which are on offer at most Chinese language schools in that you will need to take quite a few factors including your learning goals and availability into account.

Well, if you are having the same problem at the moment, you may want to take a look at the following information on some of the most popular course types available in terms of Chinese learning.

Why do You Need to Take a Chinese Course?

  1. Pass the HSK exam. If you want to study or work in China, HSK (Chinese Proficiency Test) certificate is a must.
  2. Broaden your horizons. Travel around China safely and with confidence, understand Chinese menus, impress your foreign friends – and make friends with locals.
  3. Find your dream job. Being able to speak Chinese will place you ahead of other job applicants.

Private (1-on-1)

One of the most popular types of classes among Chinese learners is the private (1-on-1) course, whose main advantage is that it allows your teacher to fully focus on your individual learning progress.

In addition, 1-on-1 classes are usually tailor-made to meet your specific learning requirements, which means you will have the opportunity to name anything that you would be interested in learning, and your teacher will prepare the learning materials accordingly.

Another important factor that sets 1-on-1 tutoring apart is its flexibility, which basically allows you to have classes whenever you want.

Part-Time Group Classes

Some students prefer group classes rather than private tutoring sessions in that they will have the opportunity to make new friends by attending group classes.

With an average of 3 to 6 students in one class, you will have plenty of chances to interact with your teacher and classmates so that you will be able to improve your Chinese language skills in a conducive learning environment.

Moreover, sometimes your teacher may ask you and your classmates to make interesting but also practical dialogues in order for you to gain a better understanding of the use of Chinese grammar and vocabulary in real-life situations.

Intensive Group Classes

The only difference between intensive and part-time group tutoring sessions is that you are expected to attend classes every day if you sign up for an intensive course.

In other words, it would be an ideal choice for students who want to quickly improve their Chinese and at the same time look for opportunities to hang out with other Chinese learners.

However, what you need to remember is that you should review your notes after each class as new words and phrases are introduced to you on a frequent basis.

HSK Preparation

Nowadays many foreigners want to take the HSK exam in order to study at university or find a job in China.

Most Chinese language schools offer HSK preparation courses that are designed to help students effectively prepare for the HSK exam.

In addition to learning essential phrases needed for daily life conversations, you will be able to acquire specific skills to answer some of the typical questions that you will come across in the exam.

Business Chinese

A tailor-made business Chinese course is exactly what you should look for if you or the company that you work for is thinking about expanding its business into China.

In addition to handling business negotiations, you will also have the opportunity to know more about some specific skills that you need to acquire in order to work effectively with your current or future Chinese colleagues.

Meanwhile, what you need to take into account when dealing with Chinese businessmen is the cultural differences. The fact that cultural barriers may lead to misunderstanding and other unpleasant consequences is something that nobody would like to see in terms of doing business with Chinese people.

By completing a well-designed business Chinese course covering both the Chinese language and cultural elements, you will be able to have a clearer idea of what you need to pay extra attention to when working with your Chinese business partners.

Online Classes  

Online classes have now become the first choice for many Chinese learners due to the spread of the coronavirus. Online tutoring is usually designed for students who live abroad or are not able to attend classes at school for some reason.

Some people have doubts about the efficiency of online tutoring, which is sometimes indeed affected by external factors such as bad internet connection. However, as long as you concentrate in class, you will still be able to make significant progress in your Chinese learning.

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