What should be kept in mind before writing a blog?


What should be kept in mind before writing a blog? 5

‘Content is not the King, but it is a President elected by the votes of those who are aimed to rule by it.’

Blogging is one of the most economical and dynamic marketing tools available for business owners and entrepreneurs. A good blog is the blend of Original Content, Relative Keywords, and a Good Designwhich should be iced with consistency. People may use blogging for communicating with their audience which is followed by driving organic traffic to your page. In a second over 24 blogs are published which makes 24 million blogs every day counting WordPress only, regardless there are N-number of websites.

Blogging helps your business grows in numerous ways 

The business industry has seen a wave of change during the prior period, from gaining visibility to acknowledging your brand blogging helps your business to grow in colossal ways. Here are some subsequent reasons why your company/ business should have an active blog.

  • Brand awareness and recognization: When you publish a blog, it needs to be shared on various online platforms, which amplifies brand awareness and recognization among the targeted audience.
  • Establish visibility: Search engines love fresh and new content especially when they are posted with consistency. It also helps you to appear in searches done on search engines and stand even among all the odds.
  • Entrenches Credibility: Sharing information with the other industry and collaborating with them, pave the way of credibility in your business/company.
  • Recognization world-wide: Blogs help the company/business to get recognization on the national level and on the international level as well, and you enjoy the audience of both the nations as well. This hoists up your blog ranking and traffic.
  • Maximum traffic: Since your blog is on your website, people visit it to read your posts and will be more likely to traverse other stretches of your site.

But the question arises do all the blogs are entrenched and get maximum traffic? So, for a blog to gain all the center light it should complete the checklist of few Do’s and Don’t.

Do’s for writing a blog What should be kept in mind before writing a blog? 6

Before jumping on the train of writing a blog you should know what should be added and withheld so as to have a readable and most exquisite blog of all.

  • Original Content: Try formulating fresh and original content, it is loved by the search engines as well as by the readers. Original content also helps your website to rank as a high-quality website among other websites.
  • Strong Headlines: A strong headline can attract a number of readers to your blog as it is the first thing to appear in front of the viewer and helps them to decide whether your content is worth giving time or not.
  • Keep a length: When content, ‘stand-alone’ from others it has to be precise, informative, and lengthy. A blog should be of 1500 words or more than that which ultimately do better in search results than short-form of blogs. Although the short-form holds preciseness as well adding a quick resource to the reader, however, the crux of your blog should be length.
  • Add Graphics:  Graphics catches the eye of the reader, and also boost your blog as well, it involves the audience more as compared to the blogs without graphics. Images with faces give a good SEO boost too.
  • Stick to it: Like every other business or startup, blogging takes time to grow and you have to be very patient while the process is done. To see the outcomes you have to wait, in the end, you will get the fruit of your work.
  • Maintain consistency: For any job or work you have to be regular to see the best and better results, it is somewhat same with the blogging process, with the original content it requires you to update your blogs once in a week, moreover, regularly, which helps your website rise.
  • Effective Keywords: Keywords are your best friend, you don’t need to stuff your post with hundreds of keywords just stick to two-three keywords and use them strategically which fill flow with your content. Playing with keywords is effective for your website but they should appear in your titles, sub-titles, and content.
  • Proofread: Oh! Yes, make sure you read between the lines before publishing it, proofread it grammatically, and every obvious way possible. A well-managed blog makes good friends online.
  • Share it on Social Media: It is important to publicize your blog in every way possible after posting it, which helps you gain new customers, new readers, and gain visibility.


  • Inconsistence Posting: A redder losses his/her interest when there is no schedule of posting, regular posting keeps them engaged, regular posting maintains a good SEO as well.
  • Poor Design: A blog should appear well managed and properly designed with relevant graphics in it, an outdated or unorganized blog lose its readers more easily. A simple design helps readers to sail to your page more easily rather than a complicated design would do.
  • It’s unreadable: While every other person is on mobile today they prefer to read many things on their way to offices or any other place, so they prefer smooth entrance to your website which directly connects you to the world of SEO. Your website should be well optimized both for phone and desktop so that it can be easily accessed without any restraint.
  • Irrelevant topics:  You need to understand the fact, that a huge number of readers relly on your blog for information, although, your blog might contain a number of topics under a particular topic this may dissuade your readers from being a faithful reader.

Practice the effective ways of writing a blog by following these simple steps and within a fraction of time, your blog will help your company/business grow in an adequate manner gaining a maximum percentage of consumers.

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