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What Kind of Camping Gear Should I Bring?

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Knowing the right camping gear and supplies to take with you on your summer camping trip will all depend on what kind of camping adventure you are planning.

On this lens I will cover some of the most popular camping types and adventures and include basic lists of what will be needed to bring along on your camping trip.

Whether you like to backpack into the wilderness, set up a large tent with all of the comforts of home, jump on your Harley for a road trip or hop into an RV with hook-up electricity at a KOA park, there are essentials you need to bring along.

As everyones recreational needs are different you will have to add to the basic camping list or take away from it, to match your own ideas of camping fun and relaxation.

If you are backpacking, obviously you won’t be taking a 15-inch cast iron skillet or a cast iron Dutch oven. I have added a more basic list for backpackers too.

Camping Boxes

What I do, so that I am always prepared and ready to go, is keep several camping boxes already set up with everything I use for camping. This way you are less likely to forget something.

I also keep a backpack already packed with it’s own camping equipment, in smaller and lighter quantities.

The containers themselves get turned into work surfaces at camp. In the old west the boxes were called “chuck” boxes or “grub”
boxes. Some people today call them patrol boxes. The boxes should have locks to keep the critters out. If using plastic storage bins, be sure that the tops can seal.

This basic list can be added to or reduced according to your own needs.

The first box holds all of my cooking equipment:

* cast iron cookware
* coffee pot
* large pot to boil water for dish washing and bathing
* dishes and eating utensils
* 1 spatula for flipping pancakes
* 2 mixing spoons
* 4 nested, mixing bowls with lids (can double as storage bowls)
* Measuring cups and spoons (my measuring cup has a lid so this doubles as another container)
* 2 serving spoons
* 1 wire whisk
* 3 tongs
* 1 basting brush
* 1 meat fork
* 1 butcher knife
* 1 fillet knife
* 1 chopping knife
* 1 sharpening stone
* bottle opener and can opener (if you have a Swiss army knife or a Swiss Multi-tool, these won’t be necessary, and other tools can be reduced too.)
* 1 ice pick
* long handled forks (for hot dogs & marshmallows)

The 2nd box holds:

* aluminum foil(Foil is a must have. You can make more cooking vessels with it, among other things)
* hot pads
* 2 kitchen towels
* 4 wash cloths
* 1 mesh bag for washing dishes (instructions later)
* a plastic bag holding small containers of bio-degradable dish soap and bleach
* a plastic bag with personal hygiene such as bio-degradable body soap, tooth brushes and toothpaste, floss, hairbrush and comb
* napkins
* paper towels
* toilet paper
* paper plates (only paper that can burn, nothing with a plastic coating – think environment again. Better yet – don’t bring any and wash your dishes!)
* tooth picks
* water proof matches
* bamboo skewers
* garbage bags to haul out what you bring in

All of my seasonings such as:

* salt & pepper
* garlic salt
* a bag with small refillable containers of herbs & spices

Refillable containers for things like:

* mayo
* mustard
* ketchup
* relish
* hot sauce
and any other condiment you may be so inclined to take along.

The last box holds:

* 1 axe
* 1 shovel
* 2 bundles of rope
* 1 roll duct tape
* 4 lanterns
* 2 flashlights
* 4 bungee cords
* first aide kit
* bug spray
* sunscreen
* 1 tent reading light
* 12 spare tent stakes
* Deck of cards, poker chips, backgammon/chess set
* Anything else you can think of: camera, fins & snorkel, sunglasses, baseball caps, tackle box.

Clothes are packed in duffel bags to fit the weather conditions.

I also keep a big box empty to carry the non-perishable food stuff.

mattress, cook stoves, grills, tatami beach mats and a beach bag with towels are all stored close by.

I usually end out going camping with large groups of people. What starts out as only two of us grows into more as others find out I’m planning a camping trip. I like to always be prepared, because most others that join the group are not prepared or don’t have a clue as to how to be prepared. I usually have enough packed to accommodate everyone.