What is the Success Story of Oppo Mobile Brand in India?

What is the Success Story of Oppo Mobile Brand in India-d987d687

It was a mere five years ago that mobile phone brand Oppo had made a foray into the Indian market. Within half a decade, Oppo mobile phone has established itself as one of the country’s leading brands.

This Chinese company has managed to impress consumers in India by offering quality products, each of which is reasonably priced as well. 

Here are some of the major factors that have contributed to Oppo’s success story in India –

Research and development 

The company’s R&D efforts have enabled it to create a niche in the market. The brand’s every launch comes with significant upgrades adding further value to its customers. Oppo mobile phone has made major investments towards enhancing its research and development capacity. 

Such measures have been instrumental in the development of innovative technology. Such developments merely outline the commitment of the brand in bringing forth outstanding technology to its Indian consumers. 

Its recent launches have already garnered an overwhelming response from the Indian market. Its smartphones offer a unique 44MP + 2MP dual punch-hole camera along with a 64MP Zoom Quad cam.

This way, Oppo has managed to establish itself as a highly competitive smartphone brand in the Indian market. 

Strategic Use of Artificial Intelligence

When artificial intelligence, more commonly termed AI, has become a buzzword in the industry, Oppo mobile phone brand has already initiated newer ways to use this technology, helping phone owners. 

One of the significant AI improving manufacturing by Oppo has been in the ‘Face beautification’ feature. The brand successfully identified the preference of its millennial customers and framed the face beautification algorithm. 

This feature was further modified consistent with the Indian market. The face beautification settings capture Indian skin tone and make the necessary alterations look far more natural. 

Adoption of Innovative Technology

The massive R&D efforts of Oppo have made it well equipped to incorporate Hybrid Zoom technology in its smartphones. It was the first entity in the market to have adopted this technology, and the competitors followed suit. 

The technology involves a quad-camera system that includes an ultra-wide-angle lens, telephoto lens, and monochrome lens along with a 64MP main camera.

However, an outstanding zoom feature of Oppo phones is owing to the periscope function of a telephoto lens. Such a feature enables smooth optical zooming to a considerable distance. These basic features are included across its product line. 

For example, in Oppo A9, its main camera comes with dual-tone flash, dual-LED, HDR, panorama, etc.

Offline Distribution Strategy

One of the pertinent factors in the brand gaining quick momentum in India involves its offline distribution strategy. Its offline sales have enabled the brand to connect with its customers better. 

Given that there are 300 million smartphone users in India, tapping into this vernacular market has led to significantly higher gains. Owing to the massive R&D that the Oppo mobile phone brand undertakes, new models are always in its pipeline. 

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