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What is the SMPS full form in computer?

Millions of people in the world use computers today. One of the computer’s hardware is called SMPS. Many people do not know about SMPS. Search here and there Are you also among them, are you also searching for SMPS, then you have visited the right site at once.
In this post, you will give all the information about what is the full form of SMPS, what is SMPS. Please read this post carefully. I hope that you will find the answer to your question in this post and you will definitely like this post.
In this post, we are going to know the following things.
  • What is the full form of SMPS?
  • What is SMPS?
  • Functions of SMPS
  • How do SMPS works?
  • What is the use of SMPS?
  • Where is SMPS Located in Computer?
  • Types of SMPS
  • Advantages of SMPS

SMPS full form in computer

SMPS: Switch Mode Power Supply

What is SMPS?

It is a device that supplies power to a computer. It supplies as much power to all the computer equipment required. SMPS converts AC current to DC current.
When the computer is given power from the mainboard, only then its work starts. Supply power to the register or capacitor to parts of RAM, motherboard, fan, etc.

Functions of SMPS:

The main function of SMPS is to control power. When the computer gets power from the mainboard, then it goes to the SMPS first.
It then remains as AC (Alternative Current). SMPS converts it into DC (direct current) using capacitors and diodes. It keeps the switch off and on with the help of a regulator.
This means that sometimes DC is converted by AC and sometimes DC is converted into AC. For this reason, its name is Switch Mode Power Supply. It controls power through this process.

How do SMPS works?

When the main current goes on the computer, it first goes to the AC filter, with the SMPS being held by its small device.
The AC filter uses its fuse, line, NTC, PF capacitor between its neutral and phase, and then sends its output to the rectifier and filter, which converts AC to DC. The filter then converts to smooth DC using two capacitors.

What is the use of SMPS?

(1) Controlling the AC current coming into the computer.
(2) To convert AC current to DC current.
(3) To supply power to all parts of the computer.
(4) Control the power and provide the appropriate voltage to the computer.

Where is SMPS Located in Computer

SMPS supplies and controls the power on the computer. The SMPS is embedded in the CPU inside the computer.

Types of SMPS

SMPS are of the following types – Let us know who they are –
(a) DC to DC converter
(b) forward converter
(c) flyback converter
(d) self-oscillating flyback converter

(a) DC to DC converter:

In this type of SMPS, when AC current comes, it is first sent to a part of the SMPS in a step-down transformer of 50Hz to convert it into DC.
Here the voltage is rectified and filtered and reaches the secondary part of the transformer.
(b) Forward converter:
This is a converter that brings current through the choke. Whether the transistor works or not, when the transistor is completely shut down, the diode of the transistor works.
When the energy goes inside the load, it is both on and off, but the choke keeps the energy with itself, when it is turned on, it sends some energy to the output load.
(c) Flyback converter:
In this type of SMPS, the magnetic field of the inductor stores energy when the switch is turned on. The energy output voltage circuit is empty when the switch is on. It has a duty cycle to determine the output voltage.
(d) Self-Oscillating Flyback Converter:
It is the most basic converter that works according to Flyback. When the conduction is in place, the switching transistor increases from the transfer to the primary form of a linear-shaped slope that is vin / Lp.

Types of SMPS according to usage:

The type of SMPS depends on its size and how it is used.
But in all these types, AT SMPS and ATX SMPS are most commonly used. Where the full form of AT is advanced technology switch mode and the advanced technology extension of ATX is SMPS.

SMPS Advantages

1) It is quite small and light.
2) It emits less heat as compared to larger transformers.
3) It is not very expensive.
4) It has high efficiency ranging from about 65 to 75%.