What is the keyboard full form in computer?

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  • What is the full form of a keyboard?
  • What is the keyboard?
  • What are the types of keyboards?
  • What is the keyboard used for?

Keyboard full form in Computer

K – Key
E – Electronic
Y – Yet
B – Board
O – Operating
A – A to Z
R – Response
D – Directly

What is the keyboard?

This is the most prominent input device, which looks similar to a typewriter. It has many button keys like a typewriter. Any text by pressing these keys; For example, words, numbers, symbols, etc. 
can be typed. It is used to access data and instructions on the computer to the memory of the computer.

What are the types of keyboards?

Let us know what are the types of keyboards and what is the benefit of the type –
  • Wired Keyboard:
This type of keyboard which is connected to the CPU in the computer by cable. The cable used by this keyboard from the CPU is called USB cable. 
This keyboard is very simple and cheap compared to other keyboards. Therefore, it is used a lot.
  • Wireless Keyboard:
These are keyboards that do not require a wire, the computer to which this keyboard is required, a transmitter is attached to it and the computer connects to it which is a kind of radio frequency receiver that connects to the keyboard Sends the signal of the given instructions to the computer.
  • Ergonomic Keyboard:
These types of keyboards are. Which gives the user the flexibility to work. In this type of keyboard, when the user works, it gives him great comfort in typing.
This keyboard has a speed function compared to and. Problems like hand pain while typing are less.
  • Soft and flexible keyboard:
These types of keyboards are much more comfortable than what I have described earlier. It is made of a thin sheet of rubber, this board is soft and flexible.
If this keyboard collapses, most damage is unlikely, as it is facile.

What is the use of a keyboard on the computer?

The keyboard is an important part of the computer. It is an input device of a computer. It is used to control the computer in the computer.
 More and more computer work is done by computers such as; Its main function is to perform typing and to give data and instructions to the computer.

How many keys are on a keyboard?

The keyboard consists of 104 keys in total. In which all different and their usage is also different.

Brief introduction of key keys:

(1) Alphabet keys: 
English alphabet letters are typed from these keys. A small letter is typed on pressing an alphabet key and a capital letter is typed when pressed with the shift. Their number is 26.
(2) Number keys:
There are number keys in the row above the alphabet keys. The digits 0 to 9 are typed by these keys.
(3) Escape key:
This key is used to exit programs.
(4) Function keys:
The keys from F1 to F12 are function keys. They give instructions to get the computer to do some specific work. On pressing a function key, the command present in it starts. Their usage varies according to different programs.
(5) Cursor Control Keys:
Arrow marks are printed on these keys. With these keys, the cursor can be moved anywhere on the monitor’s screen. Under it comes four arrow keys that show the four directions (right, left, bottom).
(6) Numeric keypad:
It is a special set of keys on the right side of the keyboard from which only numeric data is typed.
This keypad has the appearance of a simple electronic calculator. We fill the data in the computer, about 90% of the data in it is numeric. We can type numerical data with only one hand on it. The lock button must be turned on to activate it.
(7) Control key:
This key is used jointly with other keys to give some specific commands. for example; In the Windows environment, pressing c with control allows the selected object or data to be copied to the clipboard, in other words, it is a shortcut to the copy command.
(8) Alt key:
This key is also used in shortcut commands like a control key.
(9) Enter key:
 It is also called the return key. It works by sending any order prepared by us to the computer.
On pressing the Enter key in MS Dose, a computer or icon is ordered to be activated. It is also used to start a new paragraph while preparing a document.
(10) Shift key:
It is two in number. They are used to type capital letters of the English alphabet. If two keys are printed on a key, the top symbol is typed when pressed with the shift.
(11) Backspace key:
It is used to immediately correct mistakes made at the time of typing. On pressing it, a text on the left side is deleted.
(12) Editing Keys:
A cursor is a special group of keys above the control keys, which are used for editing when preparing a document or text. This group consists of the following keys – Insert, Delete, Home, End, Page Up, and Page Down. Their effect varies from program to program.
(13) Caps Lock Key:
Only capital letters are typed when this key is turned on, otherwise small letters are typed. It has no effect on keys other than alphabet keys.
(14) Other keys:
In addition to the above keys, the keyboard has many other keys; Such as – Pause / Break, Print screen, scroll lock, etc. Special use occurs.

The keyboard features

a) Through this, data can be sent correctly to the computer.
b) Different types of data can be sent to it.