What is the difference between Wood and Faux Wood Blinds?


Among the book of the most famous window treatments, blinds are perfect for both homes and offices. Their wooden appearance gives an incredible elegance to the windows. Therefore the room looks classy and complete. Typically, blinds are either made of actual wood or faux wood blind (Composite wood material, Vinyl compound, Vinyl, PVC). But apart from the composition, there are several other variations between real wood and faux wood blinds which are revealed for you in this article.

However, the absolute preference is majorly influenced by your requirements; there are particular aspects which you should learn before concluding. Both have their benefits and drawbacks, but their performance relies on your usage. For example, real wood blinds can enhance beauty to the room but might not operate very well in moist areas. On the other hand, faux wood blinds can do good in bathrooms and kitchens but might end up adding a very informal look to the room.

  • Understanding Faux Wood Blinding

As the name refers, faux wood blinds are a replica of real wood blinds. They give a wooden sight to some extent and are made of stuff that can validate to be much more reliable than real wood. Generally, made of PVC or vinyl, some variants possess a wooden based body with a high tech polymer covering on the top.

Exceptionally reliable, protected, and sturdy, faux wood blinds are long-lasting and barely fade or crack. Suitable for bathrooms and kitchens, faux wood blinds are manageable to clean and install too.

A simple microfibre fabric with some cleanser can do good to clean all the dirt out. Light on the wallet and highly reasonable, faux wood blinds are a very decent option for kids’ rooms. Though, you might come across a little bit of effort if you have oversized windows.

  • Understanding Real Wood Blinding

Open and warm, real wood blinds have a very organic impression. If you keep a wood-based interior, real wood blinds are the favorable window treatment to go for. Their realistic tones and elegant looks can complement any window in nearly any room. They can be the next-level enhancement to the furniture and add a very exclusive touch to the room. A complete piece of window coating for a pure wood fan, they are generally made from North American hardwoods.

Profoundly privileged and extremely exceptional, if you prefer that deep impression, handling their heavy maintenance is unavoidable. Unfortunately, their impressive looks come with complicated techniques of cleanliness.

  • Faux Wood Blind VS Real Wood Blind

However both real wood and faux wood blinds are strong and durable as compared to many other window coverings found in the market, faux wood blinds are more reluctant to cracking, bending, and fading, and serve better when it comes to moist areas.

Wood blinds are a piece of premium window coverings while faux wood blinds are a more casual day to day, highly economical window solutions. When we talk about affordability, the conclusion is very subjective, but yes, faux wood blinds are relatively cheaper than real wood blinds.

Top-notch, luxurious, and fancy, real wood blinds are very neat and elegant. They are a window solution to die for when it comes to giving aesthetics looks.

On the other hand, if you expect their familiarity in a lower price range, then faux wood blinds will also fulfill your job well.

If you have big windows, then faux wood blinds won’t help as wanted because their heavyweight can be an obstacle to their smooth operation. Go for real wood blinds and enjoy their lasting finesse.

  • Conclusion

As you know, faux wood blinds are suggested for casual and rough usage. They barely crack, bend, or fade. Besides, they can be effortlessly cleaned instantly with just a microfiber cloth and any cleanser you use. In comparison, real wood blinds demand time and care. They require a regular wipe with a soft cloth now and then. And obviously, no one wants a fine piece of furniture to be coated with dust?

This doesn’t end here; you should be careful while you are getting blind installation. Whether you are installing real wood blinds or faux wood blinds, hire a professional contractor to get your vertical blind correctly installed. You can look for the right one on the internet search with your region name, for instance, the best blind installation services in Fort Lauderdale FL, and sort out which one do you prefer.

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