What is SUSTAINING ENGINEERING? How it got developed in the Enterprise Industry?

What is SUSTAINING ENGINEERING? How it got developed in the Enterprise Industry? 1

Engineering basically is a science that deals with an idea and the raw material and transforms both into a useful thing or a machine that could be used to provide us with the output as work.

Sustaining engineering, as the name suggests, is engineering required for a product to sustain longer in the market. Now, to understand this ‘sustaining’ term thoroughly by not just creating an imaginary overview for what a sustaining engineer would do, let us proceed ahead with some pragmatic considerations.

Sustaining engineering is all about analyzing the product made by the development team with applied views from the studied knowledge and the real-time experience that they have gathered in the enterprise as well as the corporate industry.

Enterprise resource planning could be the guardian for sustaining engineers who are well qualified and aren’t trained to argue but to guide or communicate with the employees or technicians for the improvements and optimized needs for the production. It depends on the erp solution providers how smooth the communication within the organization takes place.

What a Sustaining Engineer is supposed to do?

A sustaining engineer has to perform multiple tests basically, over the completed product even before and after the launch. The tests that a sustaining engineer performs include-


When the development team completes the product from their end, the sustaining engineer is proposed to arrive there and test the product thoroughly on a technical basis as well as from a user’s perspective as well.

The one might recommend here for any improvement or may ask for the production technology used to evaluate the product finish and its grade of finishing. However, a sustaining engineer is supposed to have thorough knowledge about the product. Yet, one may demand any change or may query so as to analyze or audit the production line-up.


In this, an engineer has to go through the overall functionality as a user or a generic user who would utilize the product in a likely way. So as to see if the user doesn’t have to face any operational issue.

In Sustaining engineering, a few weeks long observational week is usually run to gather feedback from the public. The public could differ from the citizens or generic users to the employees within the organization after and before the launch respectively.

What is SUSTAINING ENGINEERING? How it got developed in the Enterprise Industry? 2

In advance to the feedback gathering, sustaining engineers order to implement a short but effective sprint so as to meet the feedback expectations of users and set the product back into a ready to use with having user-generated feedback worked upon it.


It happens when the product has been launched in the market and the observation week to gather the feedback too has been successfully passed. Now, when it comes to relaunching the product after a successful revival and with a newer code to add the expected changes asked by the users, the older code has to be rationalized from the storage. That too is a part of duty for a sustaining engineer.

The cloud computing consulting services save valuable time allowing easy access to the code irrespective of the location of access with reliable encryption.

What are the requirements for a SUSTAINING ENGINEER?

A sustaining engineer at the very first needs to have a degree of qualification over the dedicated field be it now biotechnology or computer science. Only a dedicated engineer could become a sustaining engineer as the one is supposed to know everything around the production line. Else, the one could not suggest or recommend for any betterment of a product to the technicians.

Post to that, only an experienced engineer with enough expertise could guide the entire production line up. Thus, adequate fieldwork experience is the second most vital need to be a sustaining engineer.

What are the internal attributes of Sustaining Engineering?

Sustaining engineering is all about keeping the product ready and sustained within the market for the consumer. Sustainability can be defined only after the launch and that is the most challenging part to be the one in charge.

If we consider the in-house roles that a sustaining engineer has to justify, then they would be a bit different from the technical world. Not just with the technical skills only but an engineer has to communicate the things with the in-house employees and keep things going in a better way than before.

  • Thus, communication etiquettes as well as skills are also desirable for a sustaining engineer along with the technical expertise. A technician also possesses thorough knowledge regarding the production and maintenance of the product but without having adept communication skills, you can’t keep things going in a smoother way.
  • Analytical abilities to think after the product is launched and has also been judged by the users in the form of feedback. The ability to think rapidly over the necessary changes and to get them implemented within the shortest time frame such that the market does not forget about the product after a longer wait taken for the advancement.
  • Computer skills, because most of the tests and observations made by the sustaining engineer over a product are usually computer-aided. Thus, adequate command over the computer-aided software relevant to the production is desirable for the sustaining engineer.
  • To develop presentations for the in-house employees over the improvement possibilities and the areas that could be leveraged with minimum support for maximum possible output, the representation skills are also expected from the one. Without this, the conveyance of knowledge becomes a task that demands heavy resources to deploy for the in-house employees in addition to their dedicated training.

Its development

Time demands inventions and so does advancement demands such positions for sustaining engineers. Way earlier, when the production used to happen in the traditional manner and no ERP solutions were available to cross-check and keep sight, neither the issue of sustainability was possible to track nor it was practical to even gather feedback from the users across the vicinity.

By the time the internet has arrived and organizations got digital support from erp solution providers and CRM solutions that could fetch and communicate with the customers 24*7, the necessity of sustaining engineers also arrived.

If we conclude here, a sustaining engineer has to emphasize the safety hazards, the causes of failure, and the reports that tell about the overall operational aspects that could affect the overall production capacity. Thus, an engineer who ensures the performance requirements as well as it saves time and cost of production and could guide as a product manager, as well as a system engineer, is a desirable position that got invented even if due to the introduction of digital support or the internet.

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