What is a cannabis dab pen?

What is a cannabis dab pen? 1

A dab pen is a vaping device that’s a cross between a dab rig and a vape pen. You may wonder, is there even a market for such a thing – I mean, if you want portability, what’s wrong with a vape pen? Surely this is just another fancy newfangled device to get me to spend my money on. Well lets take a closer look and see why dab pens such as the Lookah Seahorse Pro have taken the dabbing world by storm recently.

There are so many ways to consume cannabis, pipe, joint, blunt, dab rigs, edibles, etc. But each is different, and the way you consume cannabis is a huge part of the experience.  

Using combustion to consume cannabis, whether with a joint or a pipe, is 

a different feeling and high effect than using a device that vaporizes a concentrate. 

Using a device with water filtration such as a bong or dab rig cools the smoke and is different still from smoking joint or eating edibles. Everyone will have their own preferences, and there are advantages to each.

A dab pen has some distinct advantages over a standard vape pen and even over a dab rig. So to see where a dab pen fits into this range of devices and experiences, let’s look at the benefits and shortcomings of different vapor consumption methods. 

Pros and cons of dabbing

Vaping cannabis concentrates like wax, budder, or crumble can be a reasonably labor-intensive exercise. Dabbing requires a lot of prep, but its advantage is that it gives the dabber a high level of control over the process. 

When done right, dabbing gives you a high-quality vaping experience. 

With dabbing, you can:

  • Select your concentrate, choosing flavor, strength, and type/texture.
  • Control the vaping temperature
  • Choose the exact amount you want to vape. 
What is a cannabis dab pen? 2

Dabbing can seem somewhat daunting to the uninitiated, especially if your heating the banger with a torch. However, it is essentially just deconstructed cartridge vaping. 

Instead of pressing a button and inhaling from a prefilled cartridge, dabbing requires the consumer to heat the nail or banger —usually a torch, to the correct temperature then manipulate the concentrate into it.

The main shortcoming with dabbing is that it’s not portable; taking all the paraphernaliawith you just isn’t practical. 

Electronic dab rigs provide a middle ground that tries to answer this issue, but they won’t fit into a trouser or shirt pocket.  

But ultimately, if you’re looking for a great-tasting flavorsome terpene-filled dab, then it’s hard to beat a nice low-temp dab.


Pros and cons of vape pens

Vape pens are all about portability; it’s by far their greatest asset.

The entire vaping kit can slip into a shirt or trouser pocket; it’s exceptionally discrete with a low odor and minimal vapor; however, it’s not all pros; there are some drawbacks.

Vape carts are portable, but they are now without some drawbacks.

  • Most cartridges are expensive compared with buying concentrate on its own.
  • Most cartridges will have thinning agents added, which makes the oil work well in a vape. 
  • Vape carts are all oil, and there is no diversity between different concentrates like budder, crumble, rosins, etc. 
  • The majority of cartridges are onetime use only, which is expensive and has an environmental impact.

Dab pens are the best of both.

A dab pen addresses the shortcomings of vape pens as you can use almost any type of concentrate with them. But unlike a dab rig, they remain compact and portable. It’s a marriage of all the pros and none of the cons. 

What is a cannabis dab pen? 3

Dab pens have multiple temperature settings, so answer the need of dabbers who want greater control. 

The simplest version of the dab pen is an attachment that screws onto the top of a standard 510 cart battery. 

It basically consists of a replaceable ceramic bowl and a coil that heats up when you activate the battery. 

Most pens will offer variable voltage or heating temps, allowing you to change set the temperature at which you vape.

More advanced dab pens are a bit bigger, but they give the user more control over the vaping experience. They avoid using standard coils, which are prone to breaking, and instead use quartz or ceramic tips that evenly heat the concentrate to avoid scorching that

can ruin the terpenes and hence the flavor. 

Advance dab pens like the Seahorse Pro can produce a consistent draw for tastier vapes and are easy to clean and maintain. 

These high-end dab pens can be used with a wide range of oils, waxes, rosin, terp sauce, terp diamonds, shatter, crumble… whatever you got, they can handle it and will give incredible flavor. 

How to use a dab pen

There are a lot of different options on the market for dab pens. Most are pretty intuitive and come with simple instructions.

This makes using a dab pen reasonably simple. 

You just tap a button and add some concentrate to the coil when it is heated to the preset temperature. With the Seahorse Pro, you can use it just like a nectar collector and dab the tip into the concentrate directly. 

Some dab pens can even work with standard vape carts; just replace the wax chamber or tip with a traditional 510 thread oil cartridge.  

With all the benefits, a dab pen is an excellent investment, particularly if you’re looking to improve your portable vaping game. 

Sure they can be a little expensive, but they are a solid investment for those who truly appreciate quality in vaping cannabis concentrates.

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