What customer love most about Cardboard boxes – 7 interesting facts

cardboard boxes

Cardboard is an exciting thing for packaging in traditional and modern times. It has been in use for over a century. Popularity and importance are still strong around the world. They are used in the commercial world, retail and wholesale, with unique historical background. Custom Cardboard boxes are widely used to pack a variety of items. Large and heavy products are preferred to be shipped in cardboard cartons. They have multifaceted advantages over other substances.

That is why their use and popularity is present in this artistic and modern age. The following are some facts and figures about cardboard.

  1. Made of Cardboard Trees:

 There is no synthetic or composite of any other material in cardboard. They are made of trees. They were initially built in ancient China during the Han Dynasty. At that time, mulberry trees were used to store and store food. The trend of trees in the world is still going on and still exists. Innovations have occurred over time.

The process of making custom cardboard boxes has undergone many modifications. Boxes are made in many shapes and sizes according to customers’ requirements. In this modern age, their content cannot be compromised. Manufacturers cut the tubes with art and shaped them. Cardboard is still associated with its traditions. That is why cardboard cartons are durable and excellent for storing products for a long time.

  1. Cost-Efficient:

 One of the reasons they are still using them is the low cost that consumers can afford. They are very budget-friendly. Every consumer and business strive to get products at low prices. The wholesale cardboard boxes gives this benefit to all consumers. You can get it at lower prices. Then you can print and design according to your demand. You can print with digital printing. You can also get a discount on wholesale cardboard cartons. You can reap huge benefits regularly.

  1. Notable Cardboard Boxes:

Cardboard is a highly bio-diversified material. You can use them freely as the environment will not be badly affected. There is no harm to your environment. Cardboard has all the environmentally friendly features. You can easily recycle. One ton of cardboard can save after recycling.

  • 390 kW of electricity
  • About 46 gallons of oil
  • Almost 9 cube yards of land space.
  • Consumes 24% less power and energy
  • Produces less than 50% sulfur dioxide instead of new raw materials to make boxes.

The above figures are briefly discussed to illustrate the benefits of cardboard. Cartons can be easily used for various purposes once used. There is no risk of any damage to the surroundings.

  1. Stability and Stability:

The most commendable feature is durability and strength. They are strong enough to carry heavy objects easily. Shipping is not a problem for these boxes. Almost every industry and office use cardboard packaging to store and transport their goods. You can get all sizes. Dye-cuts make it easy to customize them the way you want them. You can cut out additional material and use it for other purposes. People like this thing because the products are safe. Cartons are also stable in their original condition during shipping. You can receive products in cardboard cartons at your destination without fear of harm.

  • US and EU use cardboards to pack 80% of items
  • UK uses 5 billion cardboards annually.
  • Average household throw 1300o pieces annually. They are again used to recycle material.
  1. Custom Cardboard Packaging:

In this scientific and technological age, the latest and most modern forms are custom cardboard boxes. According to their choice, industries, companies, offices, and households all demand durable cardboard boxes USA in different designs. They want to make their boxes: the print company name, logo, description, address, contact information, and product components. 3D and 4D printing technology have changed the mindset of the people. They want cardboard cartons in unique and inspiring ways. Printing and designing have made packaging materials more organized. You may like to offer customized cardboard cartons to customers and help you generate more sales give profit.

  1. Increase Consumer Interest:

Custom printed boxes are no longer just a packaging material. 30% of industries use printed packaging to increase users’ interest in their product. Any design can print on cardboard boxes, and it is the only packaging material that can be cut and put into any shape or size.What customer love most about Cardboard boxes - 7 interesting facts 3

7 And Sweet:

Another study found that when consumers encountered a grain box made of smooth cardboard, coarse cardboard, or clear plastic, they found cardboard products to be “sweet,” “hot,” and “comfortable.” Combined with words like “ten and calm” when they were more likely. Label grain bags as “cold.” Participants said they were more likely to buy grain in a smooth cardboard box than in other packages.





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