What Benefits Await Brands Integrating Customer Service with a Messaging Application?

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Many business websites you navigate to these days, instantly give you a pop-up chat window – asking “how can we help you” or something along those lines. Communicating with people or potential clients is the leading force of business for companies throughout the world. The psychology of communicating intimately goes way back in time – even Barter Trade required communication or sending messages to people about the availability of the commodity. 

Fast forward today, we’re on the look out for instant messaging software. Companies or Brands are carving out better and more efficient communication strategies to grow the business in their market.

But WHY?secure enterprise instant messaging

Here are two (of the many) important statistics that suggests instant messaging for business is beneficial –

  1. 61% of customers or individuals appreciated personalized messages from business rather than spam emails. 
  2. More than 50% of consumers preferred to subscribe when a business had a texting or chatting system in place.

So That Being the Current Trend, Let’s Discuss the Top 8 Benefits of Messaging Apps for your Business – 

1.Chatbot Automation for your Business

Automation is disrupting and transforming businesses & industries as we know it, throughout the globe. Using chatbots to enhance customer messaging experience is wise! 

Freddy Freshbot is a Facebook Messenger ChatBot that gives a friendly experience to customers for their recipe and ordering needs. When asked a query about certain food or menus, Freddy instantly hunts for relevant recipes on HelloFresh’s Blog. It also gives friendly reminders to customers when it is time for delivery or pickup. 

Automation gives an edge towards customer messaging software as it is fast in query solving. With the use of AI, it can evolve for smarter and efficient engagement with online customers. It can make conversations interesting by engaging with videos or images or virtual characters. A chatbot is more trustworthy with payments while doing business.

  • Tip – Build a web-based instant messaging software to automate your chatbots for quick and better engagement erasing slacks and language errors/barriers out of the way. 

2. Higher Engagement with your Audience 

Promoting anything via messenger apps, especially using content pieces like videos or ads or creatives is productive for the business. You can tag a link of your preferred destination like a website or social media page or connect them to your instant messaging platform of the business. Snapchat is a classic example of targeting customers through messenger ads. 

  • Tip – Posting ads or creatives that directly deliver your message via a messenger platform is tricky yet effective. You can use it creatively to bring the audience to your chat platform and engage in business. 

3. Better Connectivity Inside and Outside your Business

When it comes to business, leaders expect a lot. But to fulfill those expectations and help employees cross over to the shore of maximum productivity, an employer should have an instant messaging api for business. Connecting with your team members with an exclusive messaging app builds more comprehension and productivity in comparison to mainstream ones. It also makes sure that important messages don’t get diluted among the many messages an employee gets – for an instance in Whatsapp Chats. 

  • Tip – Integrate your business system and ideas into Real-time instant messaging API which gives superior connectivity with your team and otherwise. 

4. Digital Payments Through Messaging Apps instant messaging software for business

Money transfer apps like Google Pay has features where people can send messages. It becomes convenient for people to communicate about financial updates right then and there. Establishing instant messaging software for business which also has peer-to-peer payment feature changes the entire game of convenience. 

  • Tip – Use secure enterprise instant messaging for enabling end-to-end user payments by integrating payment middleware like RazorPay, CCAvenue, PayU, etc. for secure and fast transactions.

5. More Business – Less Spam

Building an instant messaging real-time system is of great value to the business as traditional tools like emails, and SMS can at times appear to be spammy. With a chat system for your brand, existing or potential customers have an upper hand in controlling the influx of messages and updates. In short, it makes it more relevant to them which leads to more conversion, opening, and read rates.

  • Tip – Create relevant messages specific to your customers and send them to your audience pool using Best Messaging APIs custom made for excellent chat features. 

6. Targeted Ads Work Betterinstant messaging for business

Messaging apps for Android like Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, etc. are famous for Segmented targeting. It allows brands to create a group of customers that they can specifically target and generate sales. 

  • Tip – Segregate your audience according to several factors like preferences, likes, and demographics. It is easier to target ads using this information. 

7. Optimizing your Content Through Chat with Customers

Every brand requires feedback and needs to work on it positively. Apart from feedback, businesses also fall into confusion regarding a product. Polls and questionnaires are helpful during such a phase. The brand can get important opinions and insights from existing customers through the chat messaging platform, be it a group chat or one-on-one. 

  • Tip – Build an instant chat support system for your brand using messaging SDKs for android app which can be customized for your brand according to your vision.

8. Easier Connect with Customers for Technical 

We live in a world where one single customer complaint on twitter can go awry for the brand. With an instant messaging app, customers can directly reach out to the business for technical glitches, damaged products, payment issues, usage instructions, etc. Even sensitive information like personal and product details can be exchanged securely through the chat platform. 

  • Tip – Messaging App for iOS platform or Android systems can easily be built by businesses ensuring smoother interaction with customers. 

Businesses don’t succeed overnight. But you can build a system that can determine the future of your brand. MirrorFly builds highly scalable, low latent, and 100% customizable messaging apps for androids and iOS platforms. 

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