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What Are The Top Benefits Of Buying An Electric Road Bike?

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Electric bikes are powered by electricity, which brings a revolution on the road. The sales of these bikes are witnessing a huge jump every year, and in 2017 alone there was a massive 91% jump in the sales of electric road bikes. In countries like the Netherlands, the sales of e-bikes have surpassed that of even regular bikes. Owing to market statistics, let us know about some of the top benefits of using such electric bikes.

What Are The Top Benefits Of Buying An Electric Road Bike? 1

Easier to Pedal

These bikes have a battery-powered “assist”, which comes through pedalling, and even a throttle in a few cases. When the pedals are pushed, a tiny motor gets operational and can provide a boost to your ride. Thus, you can ride up the hills and move over rough terrain with no strain on your body. These are similar to regular bikes and can the speed can be controlled by your feet as in a traditional bike. It can be easier to accelerate and get the power when you use such bikes.

Safer Riding

A sizable number of people lose their life every year while driving cars and motorbikes. When you hop onto an electric road bike, you can be at much less risk of road accidents. This is partly because of the fact that e-bikes notch up less speed than conventional bikes or cars. Also, when you ride in bike lines, you can stay out of the path of cars directly. It can reduce your risks of crashing into one. However, you have to wear a helmet, obey the traffic rules, and avoid drunk driving in order to ride safely on an electric road bike.

Higher Savings

There is no need for an insurance, registration, or special license while riding an electric bike. Thus, the operational costs and investment expenses are significantly less than riding a car. The cost of this type of bike is within 1,000 – 4,000 USD range, which is around as much as a road bike in the high-end price range. Replacing a battery might involve some expenses, but you can find it quite affordable when you consider the additional charges included with a regular bike – such as:

  • Tickets
  • Fees for parking lot
  • Bridge tolls

Also, electric road bike batteries get charged fully in around 3 hours and offer power for 30 miles. You can even ride for a long distance even on a partial charge.



The carbon footprint is lighter with such a bike and do not consume gas, and thus, results in much less carbon emission as compared to that of a car. When you use this instead of public transit or driving to the workplace, you can reduce CO2 emissions by a staggering 120 million pounds every year. Thus, a lighter carbon footprint is definitely one of the benefits of driving an electric road bike.

Core Strengthening

With an electric road bike, you can move up in the steep inclines. It can also aid you in covering ground quicker. However, it is also much light weight as compared to a regular bike with merely 70 or 80 pounds weight. As you hover between pedalling and steering, your output minus the engine may give you a fantastic workout. It can be particularly useful for your core muscles – which have to be used at each turn. Such bikes are equipped with a battery, which is additional equipment that adds to the bulk, and while pedalling you can get a type of ride that is more challenging.

This is an eco-accommodating and minimal effort arrangement that anyone can access, competitors or normal clients, and can be utilized for different sorts of rides. These electric bikes come with a high crossbar or horizontal frame for men, whereas for ladies these are designed with a low frame. you’re alleged to use these for less than short-duration trips of around ½ hour. It are often slightly tiring to ride for extended trips, because it features a less efficient transmission than other bikes. Also, all of your propelling muscles aren’t used here. However with cushy seating and straight back, it’s perfect for brief trips for the elderly people – men, and women.

In the coming years, as a mode of transport the electric road bike can be expected to replace driving cars or normal bikes – and with good reason.