What are the best resorts for those who love to gamble in India

What are the best resorts for those who love to gamble in India 1

India is full of interesting places to visit all across the country. People can travel to this country and within it for many reasons. Some of them like to meditate, some like to go to some of its most sacred and famous places, and others might want to explore this rich culture. However, there is a significant number of people, who have used online platforms like the Parimatch online casino, who also want to go to the country to experience its land-based casinos contained within resorts. 

When thinking about a place famous for its casino industry, probably most people would immediately imagine Las Vegas. Others could think about Macau. However, the gambling industry has also been thriving in India during recent years. Not only many online casinos started to install themselves in this part of the world, also many hotels and resorts started to introduce land-based casinos as part of their amenities. Let’s explore some of the best resorts that will be loved by everybody who loves to spend a great time in a casino.

Where gambling lovers should go when visiting India

Now we will show a list of the most beloved and exciting resorts and hotels with casinos in India. They offer many other amenities and services besides their great casinos. After exploring them, it will be easy to see why so many people want to travel to them and spend some days in those places: 

  • Sur La Mer. This is an excellent place located right next to the beach. In general, everybody visiting this site agrees that a relaxed atmosphere can be found practically anywhere. There are lots of amenities, which obviously include a fantastic casino with lots of games, jackpots, lotteries and tons of other surprises to excite all guests.
  • The Zuri White Sands Goa Resort & Casino. Goa is a place famous for its beaches, nightlife, and of course, for the casinos that have set place over there during recent years. There are great swimming pools, a great atmosphere, and obviously, it also offers a fully-fledged casino with lots of games and surprises.
  • Crescent Spa & Resorts Indore. This place is located in an extremely beautiful environment, delicious food, and obviously, a fantastic casino. Lots of slot machines, poker tables, blackjack and baccarat games and countless other exciting options can be found in this place.
  • Goa Marriott Resort & Spa. Going back to Goa, this is another excellent place with a spa, a great casino and lots of other amenities. It is only a few minutes away from the airport and close to many other attractions in the city, meaning that all sorts of incredible entertainment and services are available within walking distance.
  • Mayfair Spa Resort & Casino. This place is surrounded by beautiful nature, and its staff is recognized for their friendliness. Besides, there is delicious food, and of course, a great online casino with lots of options for having endless fun. 

Those were five places that can be very exciting to stay in when visiting India. In general, there are lots and lots of other hotels and resorts with casinos. However, listing all of them would be impossible. Yet, anybody who enjoys an online casino such as the one offered by Parimatch, will probably feel at home when visiting one of the places that were mentioned in this list. But of course, there are many other wonderful things to explore not only in these spectacular places to stay, to be entertained and to win, but also in the country of India as a whole.

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