Website Footer Design Ideas for Beginners

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There are various types of website users. Some only focus on the main portion of the website that comes in front of them as soon as the website load. Some try to explore other pages, and some head straight to the bottom part of the website. The bottom part of the website is called the footer. It usually contains general contact and other information.

Most of the website owners think that the footer is not important, and not many people pay attention to it. So, they skip paying attention to its designs and just get done with it randomly. If you are doing the same, you are committing a grave sin. The footer design of the website gives it a finishing look, and your website will not look impressive without it.

 Keep scrolling down this article in detail to explore some of the best website footer design ideas for beginners and embrace them to make your website more appealing.

Top 7 Ideas for a Perfect Website Footer Design

The people of this era are quite detail-oriented. To get the attention appreciation of such detailed oriented people, the website owners also have to pay attention to each and every detail of their website. Specifically, in the case of web design, the footer is the section that should be handled carefully and designed in accordance with the rest of the website.

Here are the top ideas for a perfect website footer design.

1. Pay Attention to Must-Haves

The footer section of the websites has a few must-haves, which include copyrights, terms of use, as well as the privacy policy. These parts are essential, although a significant majority of users might not check them. There are some users who explore privacy policy, so you cannot disappoint them. Most website owners hire services of website design Dubai-based companies and ensure that the footer gets the same recognition as the rest of the website.

2. Tend To the Contact Category

The next idea for a perfect design of the footer of your website is to tend to the contact category. This is another critical section that needs highlight so the users trying to get in touch with you do not suffer to find the related items. Be sure to include your phone number, address, email address, and social media icons prominently in the footer.

3. Introduce Call to Action Strategically

Another idea to make the design of your website footer perfect is to introduce the call to action strategically. Call to action is compulsory to motivate your users to take the action that you desire. If the call to action is not designed properly, it might get ignored altogether or become too prominent to convince the users. So, design and use it strategically.

4. Promote the Brand

Promoting the brand through design is one of the impressive elements of a good website. Footer is also part of the same website, so you should not hesitate to promote your brand in this section too. You can share your events, logo, media details, and gallery in the footer section, in order to motivate the users to explore it too.

5. Promote Simplicity

One of the best ideas to make the footer design of your website impressive and attractive is to promote simplicity through it. Do not make it too loud and bright that it robes the attention from the main part of the website. On the other hand, do not keep it toned down enough that it seems useless and unattractive. Just create the right balance and receive the appreciation of users.

6. Prioritize Your Color Scheme

One of the most important points that you should consider to ensure the perfect footer design of your website is to prioritize the color scheme. You must have a color scheme for the rest of the websites. You can pick the softer and less prominent colors to design the footer. It will not only make the footer look attractive but provide the chance to highlight the colors that otherwise got neglected.

7. Show Awards and Certification

Lastly, the most critical part that should be the highlight of the footer section of your website is your awards and certifications. You may include the recent awards in the main section; however, it is better to show the older awards and certifications in the footer. You can get experts from website design companies on board and ensure to get the perfect footers that complement your whole website.

Pay attention to the footer to make the design more impressive!

If you put all the design efforts on the main parts of the website and ignore the footer altogether, it will give an incomplete look to it. More importantly, the website will lose an impressive look which you may not want. So, pay attention to the footer too. If you are not an expert, get in touch with professionals now to give a perfect look to your website that attracts more users.

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