Web.com Reviews Discusses if You Need A Permit for Your Basement Renovation

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For many homeowners, acquiring a permit for a basement renovation can seem like a daunting task. Apart from the fee of the permit that could cost you hundreds of dollars, you have to communicate with city inspectors, follow their guidelines, and consult with professionals to create acceptable site plans. However, Web.com Reviews suggests that you never skip the process even if you believe you can get away with not getting a permit. It’s not only illegal but can also put your safety at risk.

The Reasons

Here are a few reasons to get a permit for your basement renovation:

  1. You stay out of legal trouble – The zoning and development laws in every county generally dictates that the homeowner should get a permit when working on any renovation project, including basement renovation. This includes any electrical or plumbing work. The fear of the cost of the permit and lengthy approval process may encourage you to do the renovation while keeping a low-profile, but it is not a good idea.

The delivery of construction materials and even the presence of construction workers is enough to alert people. And, if any of them reports you, you can be ordered to stop the project so that the authorities can tear apart your work. Additionally, you have to pay hefty fines,

  1. You ensure the safety of the project – To get a permit, a licensed and experienced government official or professional must review and inspect the renovation work and give their approval. Thus, the permit process ensures the safety of the whole project. If they approve the permit, you can rest assured but if they don’t, you can save yourself from a disaster.
  1. You can claim insurance when needed – If you don’t have a building permit, you would not be eligible for claiming insurance for any property damage due to accidents, construction errors, or defects since the construction of the property was not authorized by the local government. Additionally, if any construction worker injures themselves while working on your property, you would be liable for such causes. Having a permit allows you to avoid such trouble.
  1. There would be no problems selling the house – If you want to sell your house in the future, it is crucial to get a permit. There is a high chance of losing potential buyers when they realize that you don’t have a permit. After all, nobody wants to risk getting into legal troubles or compromise their safety. In case you are somehow able to persuade a realtor to work with you, your property would sell for way less than its original value. And, if you have to get a permit at a later date, you will face a lot of scrutinies.

Decided on getting a basement renovations expert to remodel your basement? That’s the right way to do it. Building basements require a deft touch and basement renovations are best entrusted to the professionals. Especially since the structural safety of your house is at stake.

Not all contractors are the same, and that’s not something you should be finding out at the end of your basement renovation.

Here’s a handy guide to finding the right people for your basement renovations. Don’t be shy! The more you ask your contractor at the start the better. The more questions you ask, the more that can be discussed in detail – and fewer are the surprises for you and your contractor.

How long have you been in basement renovations?

Some contractors will have done thousands while some will have done hundreds of basement renovations. Then there are a few who have done none! Don’t become a victim of the ‘learn on the job’ contractor. Ask your contractors point-blank how many jobs they have worked on; whether they have worked on houses in your area; and what their track record is like.

Don’t worry, it’s not rude to do so. The best basement renovations contractors will proudly tell you their experience.


According to Web.com Reviews, it can take anywhere from two to three weeks to get a permit for simple renovation projects while more complex projects may take up to eight weeks. It is always a good idea to hire experts and professionals for more complex projects instead of trying to DIY.