Ways to Add Excitement to Dull space with Modern Area Rugs!


Rugs are an important part of any interior. There are the main decorative items, making the same colorless interiors bright, beautiful and original. Such elements have been replaced by new floor coverings, minimalism, emptiness and many other decor options. Modern area rugs are a great way to give an interior a zest, zone a room, add softness and color to it. Bright and discreet, rectangular and sophisticated, light and dark all types of rugs are back in fashion and will soon appear on the floor in all projects of the best designers.  A small and dull room can distract the actual look. Therefore, it is essential to have the right color for the ceiling and walls, as well as choosing the right furniture and accessories. This will not only create a stylish and cosy interior but also expand the space of the room. So, let’s have a look at the following ways to add excitement to dull space with modern

rugs. Ways to Add Excitement to Dull space with Modern Area Rugs! 11

How to Compliment Your Dull Space With Modern Area Rugs

Focus on Size and Color

To independently understand the ideal size of the rug, spread ordinary in the living room in place of the future rug and experiment with them. The soft zone will look more collected and more comfortable if the rug is partially or completely laid under the furniture of the upholstered group. While choosing a rug according to size and color, you need to think about comfort, aesthetics and emotionality. The rug in the dining room should extend beyond the table perimeter by at least 70 centimetres so that the edge does not interfere with the movement of the chairs. In addition, if you choose curtains in cold colors, it will be more difficult to choose a rug with natural dyes, since natural shades are warm. Ways to Add Excitement to Dull space with Modern Area Rugs! 12

Consider Texture and Style

Rug texture is another important choice when visually expanding a room. It is best to stick to a consistent color when choosing shades, as this will make the room more uniform and create a sense of a larger space.  Buy a rug with a pattern that is small enough to be seen from a distance to achieve the desired effect. Avoid small but crisp patterns as they will make the room look even smaller. A thick, shaggy rug will create a sense of coziness and intimacy, while a thin rug will merge with the floor and increase the space. If you choose a rug with long horizontal patterns, then lay it so that the pattern runs diagonally from one corner of the room to another, which makes the room appear longer. Ways to Add Excitement to Dull space with Modern Area Rugs! 13

Think About Position

Is the room a training ground for your kids and pets? In this case, a snow-white long-pile rug is not the best choice. But it will perfectly fit into the bedside area in the bedroom. Think in advance how the rug will be located. Do not lay the rug right next to walls. By leaving a gap between the wall of the borders of cabinet furniture, you will not only visually expand the space, but you will also be able to play on contrasts. A rug laid close to the walls will visually reduce the space. Rugs zone the space and combine design elements together. When choosing a rug for your living room, make sure it is at least longer than the sofa. In the bedroom, the most spectacular look is a large rug, laid along or completely or partially across the bed. Ways to Add Excitement to Dull space with Modern Area Rugs! 14

Pay Attention to Picture

If there is a pronounced frame on the rug, then the pattern along the edging should not be covered with furniture but a tea or coffee table will perfectly fit into the center. Rugs with central medallions, ovals and circles attract more attention. Rugs with blurry patterns, abstraction, patchwork and plain rugs are not so demanding. Do not try to combine the rug with all the decor in the room at the same time. As a rule, the rug is selected in such a way that is echoed in colors and motives with wallpaper, curtains or furniture upholstery. The rug looks more interesting in contrast to the floor. Ways to Add Excitement to Dull space with Modern Area Rugs! 15

Have a Great Composition

Rugs made from natural materials are more environmentally friendly than synthetic ones. They do not contain chemicals, and even natural dyes are used in such products. And hand-made rugs are more durable and wear-resistant. Both natural and synthetic rugs have pros and cons. The main advantage of woolen rugs is its thermal conductivity. A wool rug perfectly retains warmth, even when lying on a cold floor. If heavy furniture will stand on it for a long time, it is enough to vacuum the rug several times. The traces will disappear and the pile will recover. Synthetic rugs are easy enough to clean, but they are short-lived. 

Rug Must Have Fine Structure

If you want to complement the image of a room without overloading it with massive texture, then it is recommended that choose a rug with colorful lines. A textile rug elegantly blends into the overall picture, complementing it and making the neutral palette more fun. The soft texture from a natural material can visually attract the room. After all, a wonderful template that brings warmth and comfort to the atmosphere. A sophisticated version of rug with zigzag embossing in red, blue, green and gray is an amazing choice for room. 

Consider Diamond Pattern

Another fashionable trend is multi-colored playful motifs like a woven track. It looks more like a vintage detail but it will beautifully blend into a modern home, making the room look cheerful and relaxed. Geometric designs with colorful rainbow colors of blue, red, yellow, brown look amazing on a unique piece. Just look how beautifully it was applied in a cozy bedroom, transforming a demanding modernist style into a room. The abstract pattern of designer rugs will always be at the peak of popularity, look at the original example of a textile product. The neutral palette and geometric configurations of various sizes are irresistible. A bold statement and vibrant color of rugs will not go unnoticed, place it in the center of the room and it becomes a focal point for the overall interior.


With just the right color, texture and style, rugs from the online sale can visually enlarge a small room. If you are renovating a new building or planning a major renovation, you have many opportunities to visually expand the space. If you are trying to create the illusion of a large space in a room, this is the right approach. By choosing a single color scheme, you reduce the feeling of chaos, which means the room will look larger.