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Upcoming Biggest Events in USA 2020 for Book Worms and Authors


The patience you practiced throughout quarantine is finally starting to bring rewards. Among the few activities helping people all around the world to survive shutdowns and limitless hardships, are books. From being your biggest weapon to your only comfort place, books are everything.

With the immense importance and power books hold, it is crucial for authors to create such a masterpiece that can revolutionize one’s whole life. The difference it makes does not last on one person but impacts the whole nation and generations. One such book that holds immense power to revolutionize the whole nation is, ‘The Amazing Power of An Encourager” by Bob Skelton. It is entering the market and all book events with its exquisite writing and rejuvenating concept.

The Highlight of Upcoming Events in USA 2020

Bob Skelton has commendably written a masterpiece, which is undeniably the highlight of all upcoming events. He incorporated his ideology of a united USA regardless of borders and oceans, stretching the gap within the nation. The change to rekindle the power of good and instill unity starts within. The books revolve around this principle of encouragement, building up from within to unite and stand as one.

In the book, Bob Skelton shares his concern about which direction the country is heading. He started out his concerns by regarding them like the darkest days of America’s history and how building up from within alters this reality towards a brighter and healthier future not only as a person but also as a country.


One only needs a little ray of light to reach the destination and, this book is that ray of light.

Upcoming Events in USA 2020

To get your hands on the mentioned masterpiece and other authors’ work, here is a complete guide of the upcoming events in USA 2020 for all the book worms and authors. Mark your calendars for having an incredible time in these book festivals.

2020 National Book Festival

The 20th 2020 National Book Festival will be held online for its readers and hardworking authors. It will showcase all the latest and highlighted addition of the club. It will also include sessions with authors and other events within to explore and enjoy America’s ingenuity. From ancient history to the guidance needed for American’s today, the book festival will include all.

Independent Authors Book Expo

This is one of the most anticipated upcoming events in USA. The platforms where the independent authors are unable to showcase their talent and share their masterpiece. The independent Authors’ Book Expo includes all independent authors and others to provide a vast and stable platform for readers to connect with authors and be inspired by their masterworks.

Library of Congress National Book Festival

A little different from usual book festivals, this upcoming event in USA 2020 offers an extensive book range. As the name suggests, this library offers the best and most extensive range of authors, genres, illustrators, poets, and the list goes on. If you want to get in touch with the authors’ best work, this festival is for you.

Printers Row Lit Fest

This fest lasts for days holding literary programs for all ages of people, bring infamous and new authors, local celebrities, discussions, staged reading sessions, over a hundred booksellers, and much more, all in one place. The place offers opportunities to the new authors too to showcase their talent. One such masterpiece to be showcased in the event is “The Amazing Power of An Encourager,” which will not only alter the person’s life but will help the whole nation to learn, unite and build from the present situation and condition.

Online Book Expo

Another one of the upcoming events in USA 2020 is the Online Book Expo. This expo has been postponed until 2021; however, it offers a virtual book expo to cater to all the readers and authors. It also has started its virtual educational series to help people with basic education, awareness, and guidance for leading life.

In Conclusion

The upcoming events in USA 2020 range from literary events to music festivals, family events, and more. USA calendars are always filled with amazing fun events throughout the years. Therefore, keeping track of them gets extremely difficult, especially with the consequences of COVID-19.

The prevailing condition has further increased the importance of such events to help people with their scars, bring them together once again, break boundaries, learn and be once again capable of enjoying life. Book events are the highlight because books can help the people heal, regain their courage, build themselves back, and unite as a single nation. “The Amazing Power of An Encourager” is one such book that you must get your hand on in any of these upcoming events in the USA 2020.