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Under Lockdown? Unique Small Business Ideas to Survive


Lockdown and pandemic have destroyed many rising stars and we can’t resist saying ‘yes, so true’. We know many new businesses that were about to make a hit in the industry but, sadly this pandemic has ruined everyone’s expectations.

And oh, how can we skip people who were about to be promoted but unfortunately got dismissed (thanks to COVID-19). Indeed, this one virus has made a huge impact on the entire world and there are many who need to take a new start, all from scratch.

No worries, a ray of hope is still there, the sun still shines while being all at it brightest. Just take it easy. We can help you to cope with all these pandemic financial crises. Do you know? There are many small businesses that you can kick-start (without even investing a lot).

Isn’t this sound interesting? Like making an investment where you need to invest more your efforts and not the money. Yeah, it’s not a dream, this is actually possible. If you want, then we can share a list with you. Read below!

Share your skills with others 

Well, for this, you need to make sure that you have good teaching skills. If you are good at teaching or transferring knowledge then you are good to go with the option of online teaching. Because of lockdown, people are losing their mind and some are trying to utilize their home-time productively.  Ok, so this is the best time to make entrée in the market. Feel free to opt for online teaching. For this, you can use your social media accounts. Just make an announcement, mention prices, share links of the registration form, and there you go.

Nail it with freelancing

I know that this one is too exceptional because we all know that this pandemic has given a quick boost to the freelance industry. Ok, keep in mind that where the demand has increased on the same side, the competition is at the verge too. Now, all you need to do is, use all your contact or on the other hand, try to make contacts, and start collecting projects. And oh, you need to play wisely. Even if you do not have commands on certain tasks, still feel free to accept it and assign it to someone with expert commands. This way, you can secure clients and could later make your own team. Just like a team with good writing skills could serve efficient paper writing services.  

People need efficient managers

The problem is, not all people are efficient in managing tasks and customers, digitally. Yes, there are many businesspersons who need proficient managers because this ‘work from home’ thing has ruined many businesses and has impacted on the performance of many employees. So, if you have good management skills then it’s time to serve different businesses with your expert skills. For this, first, build an effective profile and start promoting yourself as the best task manager, and there you go.


Blogging is the best option too

If you have a big list of friends on your social media account then this is a good time to use it productively.  By the way, even if you have an inspiring personality and you know how to make things look perfect then go for it. All you need to do is, take out some skincare products or the eateries you have tried so far. Take good pictures of products and feel free to write au ‘unbiased’ review. Take this brownie tip and make sure that you are writing enough persuasive review. Also, keep your words balanced. I mean, if you found something negative then feel free to share. Besides this, if you are a member of Facebook groups then feel free to use those platforms (with the consent of admin). If you are a student then you can share your experience of any coursework help online, providing help to students.

Become an advertiser

Let us tell you that like you, many people have started a new venture and need someone to help them to grow. Why not serve to get loud for those new ventures? This is the perfect time to use your skills or even if you have people in your circle with good marketing skills then take them in collaboration too. This way, you all could serve as an advertiser and can start your own advertising agency. For this, you just need to have good marketing skills, expert content writer, and maybe a person with efficient graphic designing skills.

Michael Hussey is a digital marketer and blogger. He writes about motivation, education and personal development, mostly about career help. He hopes to make a good difference in the lives of people by sharing society related relevant stories and blogs also by his personal journey.