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Ultimate Guide To How to Outsource Mobile App Development


Mobile applications are gaining mass popularity and preference as the years are passing. It is because of the extensive use and accessibility to mobile technology. It is estimated that by the end of the year 2020, the number of mobile phone users will increase up to 6 billion, which could result in 194 billion mobile app downloads.

The mobile app development industry is rapidly growing to be a billion-dollar business. As the technology is emerging, it indicates for businesses that it is highly crucial to invest more time and effort in mobile app development. It is one of the distinguishing ways to generate more income and even a better step to know more about the people and times surrounding a specific business.

Many of the custom software development companies are offering these services and a number of IT companies are outsourcing these services.

When you are thinking to develop an app as a business, you need to first make sure that your application idea is finalized and then decide to build your company’s own mobile application going around customer preferences and demands. Doing this at first, you would be able to devise different ways to do the job.

Defining The Outsourcing of Mobile App Development:

When an in-house team is not satisfactory for your mobile application development challenges then you would need to go for a third-party development agency to get your exclusive mobile app developed.

Outsourcing the services has the benefit of getting more wide range of experiences, knowledge, and skills than the conventional in-house teams. These third-party experts have the tools and expertise of solving any occurring problem without a hassle in no time.

Kinds of App Development Outsourcing Solutions:

As you work with just an in-house team, you would only get a particular set of people who have expertise in very specific areas of the mobile app development process.

On the contrary, if you go for outsourcing the service, you will get to see extensive views and expertise in the app development domain.

There are mainly below mentioned three types of app development outsourcing solution in the market:

  • Freelance developers
  • An onshore or offshore app development agency
  • An off the shelf application

Let’s go through each of the three options and explore which one would suit your business:

  1. Freelance Developers:

You can make use of these developers if you are seeking for more cost-effective solutions through this option as you have all the power to research and choose which freelance developer is a fit for your business’s mobile application requirement.

  1. App Development Company:

Making use of an app development company can do so much more for you as they have a ready-made and established team of experts in line already. You would have to brief your idea and the rest of the work would be done in a jiffy.

The added benefit of an app development company is that you get everything documented and thoroughly recorded on papers to get rid of any issues in the future as the process carries on.

You can find a spectacularly diverse range of services and knowledge crucial for the aspects of your brand.

  1. Off Shelf Solutions:

Making use of an off-shelf app lets you design ana incredibly customized app at a cheaper price. This is highly useful for such companies who want to launch their app in less time frame and even want an app that is loaded with features.

How to outsource mobile app development without compromising on quality?

You can easily outsource mobile app ideas for your business from any reliable outsourcing company. As a company has a short time to catch up with the developers, you still can not merely depend on them to make the perfect big picture of your thought. To deal with this, you can these notes in mind to not hurt the quality of the app you need:

  • The outsourcing partner you are hiring is well versed in their job and knows the best to do. They have worked with many different companies on different projects. These partners know how to deal with any obstacles.
  • Request for the portfolio of the outsourcing partner as it is the basic rule to know about the partner to get into association with the group. This will give you a clear image of what to expect and even request references for specific tasks they have done so far.
  • Do have a brief meeting so that you know about their work methods and all other required details.
  • Reach along with your supervisors to draw the structure of the app in terms of placement of features and all the other details. You need to settle the right properties which you require in your mobile application.
  • In the end, you need to constantly work in coordination and a good designer to get the best quality of work you want. You will be the customer and the development company will be having an agreement with you for the app development and will be entitled to guarantee that the app is in the right direction.
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