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Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Perfect Headsets for You


Buying a good pair of headsets may seem to you quite an easy job. If you want to be in your budget, then you will surely prefer buying cheap headsets that can meet your regular needs. However, if you want to take your business to the next level, that is purely based on the types of devices you use such as headsets, then you have to buy wisely. And seeing the different types of headsets, their styles, and designs, we have decided to give you a brief on SENNHEISER headsets. SENNHEISER headsets are named as the best office headsets when it comes to achieving efficiency and productivity in the workplace.

But with a range of SENNHEISER headsets available in the market, it becomes daunting to choose the one that is compatible with your business needs and is suitable for it! So, to help you choose the headsets wisely, we have curated a list of some of the important factors that you should consider while making a purchase.

3 major factor to be considered is as following


Gone are the days when headsets needed wires to make the connection. Now, with the advancement in technology, everything has changed and headsets have started to come with wireless technology. But not all wireless headsets possess the same features and capabilities. Therefore you have to choose the one that meets your needs and gives you the desired output.


It is to be analyzed that the Bluetooth feature in wireless headsets looks like the future for the headphone industry. With Bluetooth present on substantially all smart devices and the price of wireless headphones falling, it’s now much simpler to listen wirelessly. Moreover, the ever-emerging characteristic of Bluetooth technology and transatlantic audio codecs like LDAC indicates that sound quality is also much better and is well-suited to meet your business needs. It will give you a remarkably comfortable and satisfactory experience when you get your favorite Bluetooth headphones with the most famous styles. All you need to quickly start your Bluetooth headsets is just power on the button and charge the battery like a smartphone.

Radio Frequency

As we said earlier, the SENNHEISER wireless headsets hold different features. Just like Bluetooth, another important feature that can help you choose the best match is radiofrequency characteristics. Different from the working of Bluetooth headsets that communicate directly with the source device, RF-based headsets communicate with a base unit rather than connecting with the source device. This is why it makes it a perfect option for home use only with a fixed source that may be a TV, CD player, DAC, or an Amplifier unit. RF headsets are less preferable for outdoor callings as you cannot carry the base unit everywhere along with you. Therefore, we suggest you choose the wireless headsets that can work well in the entire workplace location.

Technology Used In Drivers

The technology used in drivers is another important factor to consider that can help you buy the best headsets for your business needs. As drivers are the backbone of the headsets, to get the most of it, it is vital you choose the best one. Depending upon your business needs, you can choose the best headsets with advanced technology used in. Here, we have summarized a list of technology that is currently being used in headsets drivers and individuals must be aware of it while picking up the best headsets.

Dynamic Drivers

If you want easiest-going headsets in terms of power needs that can comfortably be managed by smartphones & audio players, then choosing the headsets with dynamic drivers will be the best decision of yours! Sennheiser has achieved to make unique & high-end headphones with dynamic drivers, whose technology is best-suited for entry and mid-range users. Dynamic drivers are also rated the best for the reproduction of the low-end frequencies – that is to speak, you get excellent & satisfying bass.

Planar Magnetic

Another important and widely used headset’s driver’s technology is planar magnetic. These are the premium and most demanding headsets drivers these days. Although it may cost you a little higher than other headsets when it comes to its efficiency, believe us it beats your counterparts! The sound quality of the headsets with this technology is said to be dependent upon the audiophile-level that further depends on the tuning. Another thing that you must know about these headsets is they require much more power to drive, so they often need amplification and reliable source equipment to make the best use of them.


Last but not least! Another widely used technology in drivers is electrostatic. Due to this technology, headsets drivers are expensive to manufacture, therefore, it is used by the leading business persons only. Also, as they require special amplifiers to drive, the ones who can arrange better source equipment buy it. Rest, go for the hybrid or bone-conduction drivers whose costs are considerably lower than the dynamic and electrostatic drivers.


Apart from connectivity and driver’s technology, another important thing that can help you choose the headsets wisely is “style”. With different fit styles available in SENNHEISER headsets, it becomes confusing to choose the best fit. Therefore, we want you to have a deep glance at the styles given below and then take your decision!


If you want to buy headsets that are larger in size and can fit perfectly over-the-ear and cover your ears then the circum-aural fit style will be the best match for you! It will also provide you with snug and noise-isolating results. This style of headsets is considered the most relaxed and least nosy fit and has many other benefits in terms of better noise insulation and comprehensive drivers. Having prominent drivers ensures that these headphones are more powerful and sound better.


It is the most popular style in-the-ear headphones and is the easiest to carry – all thanks to the small size! This style is considered a secure fit in terms of endurance, as on-the-ear headphones can come off somewhat comfortably with heavy movements such as running or fast jumps of the head.


Even though the earbud-style fit is the affordable one, it is the least competent when it comes to quality sound. Earbud-style headphones have small drivers and give the same benefits as in-canal headphones give, however, are not located inside the canal. As they assemble outside the canal, they face straight towards the eardrums that result in poor noise isolation and sound quality.

Concluding Remarks

Apart from these considerations, there are many more that you must consider while choosing the best headsets for you. But we hope, reading the article you have an idea of what to consider the most and what can make your shopping experience satisfactory. If you want office headsets, then without overthinking just choose the SENNHEISER headsets. However depending upon your needs, you can choose its best model, trending in the industry.

We hope you enjoyed reading and ask us if you find any doubt! Rest, if you want to share your shopping experience with us, then don’t hesitate. Feel free to share it with us!

Happy buying!

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