Types of Contact Lenses to Choose From

Contact Lenses (2)

Are you tired of wearing glasses and are doubtful in undergoing LASIK surgery? Contact Lens is one of the best latest alternatives for eye correction. It will help you look at the world clearly and will make you feel at ease.

 If you want to know more about contact lenses and find help to decide the material, shape, form, color, and designs according to your unique needs, then you’re in the right place!

Types of contacts

According to the Structural Material:

  • Soft lenses: These are made of water-retention plastics that hold water to keep your eye moist and comfy. The hydrogel material is thin, light, and holds its shape according to your eye. These fall under the daily wear category.
  • Silicone lenses: These are carved out water-containing silicones which have all the benefits of soft lenses along with the ability to let the oxygen pass through them, which lets your eyes breathe. They can be disposed of every third week or sooner. Some can even be worn overnight.
  • Gas-Permeable (GP) Lenses– They are made of a slightly rigid material than the silicone ones but have a higher oxygen permeability. These last longer than most lenses and are less welcoming to the deposits and dirt. GP lenses can last from a couple of months to a year.
  • Hybrid lenses– They’re the combination of a GP core and a silicone outer ring to provide the best fit and oxygenation to the eye. These contact lenses can be on your eyes overnight to a couple of days without ever taking them off.
  • Colored lenses– These work like any pair of normal contact lenses with an added ability to visibly change the appearance of the eye. There are shades ranging from light, medium to absolute dark colors to suit your look.

According to Wear Duration and Disposal Period:

The secretions from the eyes and the atmospheric build-up can impede your vision or become a home for bacteria, so the contacts need to be replaced regularly on the basis of:

  • Daily wear: Can be worn only during the day and not while sleeping. They come in two types; one that needs to be disposed of every day after use and others that need to be removed and cleaned every 10-14 hours, with a total life of up to a few weeks.
  • Extended wear: Can be word through the day and while sleeping. Lasts for a couple of days, could last longer if taken care of.
  • Continuous Wear: Can be worn for a day. However, it can last for thirty days, without being taken off.

How to Choose the Right Contact Lenses?

There are as many factors in choosing as there are in terms of choices and materials.

  • Personal Requirement: The first is the reason or problem as to why do you want to wear contacts over traditional glasses. Your preference for convenience, comfort, looks, or profession. Based on this the material can be chosen.
  • Medical need: Let’s get to the medical requirements of your eyes. The contact lenses are available in Spherical, Toric, and Multi-focal Powers. They can be tailor-made for correcting your vision.
  • Fit: The contact lenses should fit your eye and your doctor can help you with that. Contacts can be tailor-made to fit the shape, size, or other conditions with your eyes.
  • Support: They also support other requirements like Astigmatism, prevention of Dry Eyes, prosthetics, colors, special effects, UV blocking, correcting Keratoconus, Myopia, Presbyopia among others.

Always, consult a good doctor and covey all your requirements and concerns. Follow the recommendation and choose. Contact Lenses have been around for a while now and has been seen as a work in progress. But the use of these has many benefits, the best of them being not having to bother with glasses again.