Trending Torrent Platforms for Downloading Bollywood Movies


Looking for the best way to download Bollywood movies on your phone or PC? We recommend using Torrent platforms. This because torrenting offers you better control over the overall download experience for movies. There are various Torrent sites for movies that offer movie download features. You can use these sites to download all the latest as well as classic Bollywood movies for free. 

Let’s talk in detail about the benefits of torrenting movies and the best platforms that you can use for this purpose

Benefits of Torrenting Bollywood Movies 

Although there are various ways like movies download apps or sites where you can go about downloading the latest Bollywood movies. Khatrimaza and similar platforms offer torrent download features for movies. You can try out these sites and use their torrent download features. 

Here are the benefits that you get with torrenting movies 

Uninterrupted Download Experience 

The biggest reason why we recommend torrent websites for Bollywood movies is, you can easily download large files without worrying about your download getting interrupted. If you turn off your PC or mobile, the download will start again from where it was stopped and won’t get interrupted and restart. 

Variety of Torrenting Platforms 

There are a wide range of torrenting platforms for you to check out. You can check out the dedicated sites for Bollywood Movies Torrents or you can go to general torrent sites to download the movies of your choice.  

Bandwidth Allocation 

Torrent sites allow you to set up custom bandwidth allocation. What this means is, you can set the custom download and upload speed of the torrent file. You can better manage the speed of your internet connection by downloading movies with torrent platforms. 

Trending Torrent Sites for Bollywood Movies 

The Pirate Bay 

The Pirate Bay is the world’s most popular torrent platform for movies that you can find out there. This platform allows the magnet torrent download features which are more stable than downloading the torrent file. 

The Pirate Bay UI might not come off as engaging, it is still quite great in terms of the design and the overall features. The Pirate Bay has a huge collection of Bollywood and South Indian movies that you can download from here via torrent. 


99HD is a torrent site for downloading Bollywood movies. This site is specifically for Hindi movies and you won’t find Hollywood Movies torrents here.

99HD Films comes with a simple user interface. You can scroll through different categories to find and download the Bollywood movies that you want to download. The process of search has been made extremely simple by this site with its AI based search features.    


4Movierulz is a popular torrent site for Bollywood, Dual Audio, and Tamil movies. The best thing about this torrent site is your navigation won’t get interrupted by recurring ads. This torrent site also has the latest Hollywood movies that you can download from here. Khatrimaza and 4Movierulz are quite similar in this regard. Both are torrent download sites for Bollywood movies.  


If you are looking for an all-around torrent site that offers a lot of Bollywood and Hollywood movies torrents, then you must check out TorrentFunk. This site allows torrent files as well as a magnet download links. This site also features music videos, Albums and eBooks that you can download from here via torrent. TorrentFunk is one of the most popular free torrent sites which is on par with torrent giants like The Pirate Bay and 1337x.    


1337x features an engaging UI. This site is probably the most interactive way of downloading movies that you can find out there. The site is simple yet made with attractive UI design elements and the overall loading speed is also quite amazing. 1337x is a great choice for people who are looking for a simple way to download Bollywood Movies.   


BestHDMovies is the best Platform for downloading Indian Movies via Torrent. This site features a huge collection of movie torrents and even Bollywood Web series that you can easily download from here. It works amazingly well on mobile devices too, which is what makes it stand out from the rest of the options in this Bollywood Movies Torrent sites review. 

Final Words

With new Bollywood movies being released almost every other month, you want the best way you can get access to these latest movies. Using torrent platforms is your best option you. You can find more Bollywood Movies download platforms at Concept BB. We have reviewed the most trending torrent sites for movies here that you can check out. These sites are being used by a huge base of users and their collection of Bollywood Movies torrent is simply amazing.

Visit these sites and use their search features to look for and download the Bollywood Movies Torrents on your phone or PC. 

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