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Trending Cult Classic Television


Finding something good to watch on television was easier before the flow of constant content became available, life was simpler back when F.R.I.E.N.D.S was airing on NBC. When you choose a television series to watch you’re making the unconscious decision to invest your valuable time and if it’s not any good then you wind up wasting your time and energy with watching something that you didn’t enjoy. I personally have chosen to invest my time into shows that have become cult classics. I mean you can always go with the more popular options, however, that’s just you following the crowd and not being an individual. I have come across a few TV shows from the last few years which have become instant cult classics due to their storylines and creativity, and trust me there is nothing worse than poorly written content which has been adapted and brought to you on your television. The cult classic television shows will not be your typical shows and may require re-watches in order for you to fully digest and understand the meaning behind the writing and acting.


My most beloved and favorite television shows growing up has to be Tales from the Crypt and the Twilight Zone. Each episode was different and told a standalone story which meant that you didn’t have to watch prior episodes to follow the storylines, which were great for casual viewers. Black Mirror is a modern take on this concept which focuses on stories with a fresh take. I have managed to binge watch all 4 seasons of the show in the course of an entire weekend, which has been on air since 2011. I was hooked from the very first episode to the final episode of season 4, the stories being told are creative and nice to see different actors but it’s definitely not for everyone. Black Mirror is a Netflix original show so we know that all episodes will be made available once the 5th season goes live during the upcoming Fall/Winter season



Legion is now in its second season and has been renewed for a third season. It is actually based on a Marvel comic series by the same name. Unbeknownst to me, David, the main character in the show is actually the offspring of Professor Charles Xavier and a mutant even more powerful than Dark Phoenix with the ability to manipulate reality according to his minds desire. If you hate superhero shows then you may love Legion because David is the antihero and a patient in a mental hospital who seems insane till the season finale of season 1. The show became an instant favorite the first time I had a chance to watch it. For those that watched Smallville, Gotham, Arrow, Flash, and The Agents of Shield; I can ensure you that Legion is not like the rest and has an interesting take on mutants. The first episode of season 2 really did mess with my mind in terms of audio cues that made sense 2/3rd’s into the episode. Legion season 3 has been confirmed for the spring of 2019 and is hosted by FX.


Sense 8 was very confusing during season 1, however, the final few episodes brought everything together in a unique manner that was totally unexpected. Season 2 came out last year and admittedly I haven’t gotten the chance to watch it. Season 3 is slated to be released in June 2018 and is expected to be the finale of the show. Sense 8 is produced and released by Netflix so once again you get to binge the episodes according to your schedule.

Sense 8 tells the story of 8 individuals who are able to communicate with one another telepathically covering millions of miles. The pods of 8 individuals are birthed during adulthood and possess the ability to communicate with one another telepathically and share abilities on demand or in the middle of a crises. Sense 8 seems to take its cues from the hit TV show Heros which is definitely also worth a watch.

  1. ROBOT

I really enjoy television that is complicated in its storytelling and Mr. Robot is no exception of what a well-written television show is all about. Imagine someone with clinical depression and a host of mental disorders that is able to topple a corporate organization as a cyber-vigilantly. The show has aired for 3 seasons and has been confirmed for a 4th season. I personally think that show is lasting longer than it should because it may dissolve into nonsense as it continues to air, but hopefully that isn’t the case. Mr. Robot is all about anarchy and sticking it to the man where all debt records are held in a major corporation know as E-corp and they are encrypted resulting in the debt of hundreds of thousands on individuals being wiped away. Mr. Robot does get more than a little trippy with its storytelling but that’s the beauty of the show, being able to see beauty in all the chaos. Remember to tune into the USA Network to catch the show.


American Gods is produced by Starz which also produced a television series of The Evil Dead that is comical and entertaining. American Gods is based off a novel of the same title written by Neil Gaiman and tells the story of an ongoing battle between the old gods and the new ones. The series had me binge-watching on demand via spectrum deals once it had completely aired. The old gods are the ones that we know about such as Mr. Wednesday who is more commonly known as Oden and ties into Norse mythology. An example of a new god would be tech boy who is outfitted with all sorts of modern tech such as a VR headset that can entrap you in an alternative reality. The show was very well produced and tells the tale of Mr. Wednesday gearing up for war with the new gods. The second season is currently in production and is expected to be released in 2018.

All the shows mentioned are definitely worth your time and certainly have a cult following except with Mr. Robot, which is questionable due to commercialization. I would have included other worthy shows such as Dark or Westworld, but I feel as though it is too early to do so without investing another season to how well these series’ do. By word of mouth, it seems like Westworld is on the decline similar to how The Walking Dead is barely alive. In its first season The Walking Dead was worth the acclaim but it seems like all hope is lost as the current season wraps up. I feel as though I wasted my time after 9 seasons but hopefully that’s not the case. If you do happen to watch any of the shows mentioned above then happy binging!

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