Digital Marketing Trend 2020: how to use them for your strategy!

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Technology is constantly evolving. And Digital Marketing, which finds its primary foundation in this, is certainly not far behind. What are the main Digital Marketing 2020 trends? In the last 10 years, we have seen an infinite series of changes that have completely upset the way of “doing marketing” and Networks Trend.

Companies around the world, and their CMOS, increasingly understand how being in step with the times constitutes a differential value. In fact, it is not a question of optimizing (only) the brand voice or message of the marketing campaign.

Much of the clash is taking place today in relation to the technologies that the most receptive and dynamic companies are able to discover, understand, and therefore implement quickly.

In this article, we try to take a look at 5 of the main Digital Marketing 2020 trends currently in strong growth, and which will establish them in the next year with the greater decision. Not an exhaustive list, but certainly indicative of the priorities that every company should have on their agenda while designing the marketing plan for the years to come and join Networks Trend. For your digital marketing ease, you can also contact the digital marketing agency in Maryland, who have in-depth knowledge in this field.

Defining MarTech – Marketing Technologies

It may sound pretty obvious, but it all starts here: technologies drive digital marketing trends in 2020. To date, there are just over 7,000 different solutions (software or products) dedicated to marketing. If we could analyze one a day, it would take about 20 years to get a complete picture.

An impossible undertaking, therefore, but not for this CMO and Marketing Director can throw in the towel, quite the contrary. When designing their new marketing strategy, these players should always start with the ultimate goal of that strategy, and thus build backward the perfect MarTech stack at Networks Trend.

It is worth highlighting how, speaking of marketing technologies, today we are not limited to considering software such as CRM CMS, once among the most popular.

These are, of course, still very important, but they become the beating heart of a more complex system. In other words, they become the tool able to integrate with all other marketing software, process a huge amount of data, distribute it, and therefore inform strategic decision-making processes and join Networks Trend.

Data & Insight – Getting to know the buyer

Do you remember the dear and old “market research”? Well, they have not gone out of fashion. They simply “moved house” and became entirely digital.

In recent years, many new technologies have emerged capable of sharing extensive, detailed, and always up-to-date information on buyers with marketers. And we’re not just talking about information such as company size, annual revenue, job title, and so on and Networks Trend.

What marketers can acquire today is rather related to the so-called “search/buying intent”, Or those signals that indicate when a buyer is actively looking for a service or product. By leveraging this information, you can segment your database much more accurately.

And therefore make decisions based on the intersection of multiple factors, in order to build increasingly targeted marketing campaigns.

The direct consequence of having an enormous (and useful) amount of information on your buyers is, of course, the possibility of building more targeted marketing campaigns. The mission of today’s marketers is to segment the database of potential customers in an increasingly methodical and structured way: to understand the main problem and build the entire marketing campaign accordingly and Networks Trend.

The whole process must be customized: from the “first touch” to the actual purchase, the user must be able to receive relevant and coherent information: not only, therefore, that reflect the solution to his problem, but that also take into consideration its position within the so-called “buyer’s journey”, usually divided into Awareness, Consideration, and Decision.

In the past, it was said (rightly) that a single message cannot work for all users, because everyone is different.

Today, we see the extreme consequences of this concept: even for the same user, it is necessary to build multiple messages, which can accompany the user and effectively support him in the intricate purchase path.

Chabot – Conversational Marketing

Chat with customers. Could you imagine anything more old-school? But don’t be fooled. Here it is not a question of exhuming the old door-to-door, nor of creating a call center to reach your potential customers by telephone. On the contrary, everything starts with the latter. We know well how the average buyer is now more informed and “daring” in seeking information.

This is the same buyer who wants to have the opportunity to talk to you, ask questions, find more details about services and products. Anywhere and anytime.

Not necessarily by phone, whereas statistics indicate a strong rise in the use of chatbots to manage online conversations. With all the advantages of the case: ability to create relationships of greater value, scale the approach from one-to-one to one-to-many, CRM, to work on a more structured follow-up at Networks Trend.

However, managing conversational marketing processes is not at all simple, and the challenges are well defined by the SCOPE model proposed by Hub Spot, which deserves a thorough reading before taking the first steps in this intriguing but delicate way of marketing.

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