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Top Ways to Improve Router Speed and Optimize Network

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It doesn’t matter how fast your internet connection actually is, if you don’t have a good enough router then your internet speed will suck. When you optimize router settings for speed then you can actually enjoy your wireless network. While most people don’t have the means and money to buy a top-end router, you can learn how to improve router speed.

If you really wish to learn how to optimize router settings to improve speed and to establish a stable internet connection then keep on reading. Here are all the ways you can change router settings for high-speed internet service.

1. Set an Automated Reboot Schedule

One of the best ways to improve router speed is to reboot it at a regular interval. If that seems like too much work to you, then you can set an automated reboot schedule. Multiple routers come with a timed booting option. If you are looking at how to improve router speed, then keep on rebooting your router at set times to keep it healthy.

2. Optimize Your Router Speed with New Antenna

A simple way to make your internet speed faster is to buy a brand new antenna. The antennas on most consumer routers are almost worthless. An Amplified aftermarket antenna is a suitable replacement if you are looking for ways to improve router speed.

The antennas are really cheap and it can improve router speed by a lot. You can optimize your router settings for high-speed internet by getting new antennas for just $10-15. Plus the in-range WiFi extenders are really expensive and they don’t provide as much speed as additional router antennas can.

3. Disable Older WiFi Protocols

Do you wish to learn How to optimize router settings for speed? One of the best things you can do is to turn off your old wireless protocols. The latest routers run on 802.11ac protocol that exceeds the speed that ISP offers. While the routers may be fast, your devices may not be able to optimize internet speed. If your devices are using the older protocols, such as 802.11g, these types of protocols slow down the network as soon as the device connects. If you have any device connected on the network that still uses the g protocol then you should disconnect it.

4. Change the Channel Width

Most routers work on the same channel which leads to network congestion and eventually slows internet speed. You can optimize router settings for speed by changing the channel width of your router. You can make your devices network connectivity more efficient and you can take full advantage of your high-speed internet connection once you change your channel width.

5. Update Your Router Regularly

Most people overlook this feature but the best router settings to improve speed is to keep your router updated. If your router is often running on the latest software and firmware then you can take full advantage of your internet connectivity.

The updates you get for your router are often security fixes, and they definitely won’t make your router fast suddenly. The regular update however can increase your internet speed over time as your router won’t run into any errors.

6. Choose an Ideal Router Location

The location of your Router matters the most, if your router isn’t in the right place then you will get a lot of interference. To optimize router settings for speed, you need to find a centralized location in your home for your router. Windows or Doors can cause interference between your devices and your router.

All the routers operate on 2.4Ghz or 5GHz frequency band so even a small movement in your router’s location can cause router settings to improve speed.

7. Switch Router to Different Band

All the consumer-grade WiFi routers operate on the 2.4GHz frequency band. But you can get high-speed internet with a dual-band or tri-band WiFi router. You can separate the routers to maximize the speed of the Router.

To make you understand, a 2.4 GHz frequency band is a highway full of cars. When you switch to the 5 GHz frequency band, you choose a highway that has fewer cars. So you can change router settings for high-speed internet.

8. Install New Firmware

This is the least known method in which you can change router settings to improve the speed of your internet connection. Most of the routers keep the settings simple so that you get a good enough speed. While such settings are good for most users, it’s not perfect. If you want a router that offers more than it’s worth then you can upgrade the firmware.

There are multiple open-source firmware options available for most popular router brands. It is obvious that most routers don’t have the firmware upgrade, but if you find one for your router, use it! They can help and speed up your router and help you optimize router settings for high-speed internet.


We hope that this article helped you find the best ways to improve router speed. You can change and configure your router settings for best speed. Sometimes, something as small as changing your router’s position can help you in increasing the speed. Follow all the steps listed above and you can get the most out of your WiFi Router.

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